Top 8 Best Air Fryers for Keto Diet 2024 Reviews

Best Air Fryer for Keto Diet

Adopting a ketogenic diet doesn't have to mean settling for dull and uninspired meals. By using the best air fryer for keto recipes, you can indulge in the most delectable dishes while sticking to your dietary restrictions.

The keto diet emphasizes the consumption of proteins and healthy fats, while keeping carbohydrate intake to a minimum. Preparing meals in accordance with this diet can be quite challenging, as the use of large amounts of oil, such as in deep fryers, is not recommended.

As a result, air fryers have gained popularity as a more suitable cooking appliance for those following a weight-loss regimen. However, with so many options available on the market, it is important for buyers to carefully consider which air fryer is the best fit for their keto diet needs, as well as a worthwhile investment.

With the help of our comprehensive reviews and buying guide, you'll have all the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to finding the right air fryer for your needs. Read on to learn more about the best air fryer for keto diet.

The Best Air Fryers for Keto Diet Reviews

1. PowerXL Maxx - Best Air Fryer for Family of 5

PowerXL Maxx - Best Air Fryer for Family of 5

The Power XL air fryer boasts seven cooking presets and an auto-shutoff feature that conserves energy by turning off the unit when it's not in use for an extended period.

Utilizing Rapid Air Technology, this air fryer ensures that your keto recipes cook evenly with 360-degree air circulation. We tested it with fresh salmon filets and tuna steaks seasoned with spices and a minimal amount of oil, and both were cooked to perfection.

With a 7 QT XL capacity, this air fryer can accommodate sizable ingredients in a single batch. Additionally, its deep basket allows for the use of an additional cooking rack, increasing the capacity even further.

Cleanup is a breeze with the Power XL air fryer's high gloss finish and non-stick accessories, including the air fryer basket and crisper tray. In a hurry? Simply toss the accessories in the dishwasher for swift and straightforward cleaning.

One drawback we encountered during testing was the loud beeping sound that the unit emits when the food is ready. Unfortunately, this sound cannot be permanently disabled without dismantling the air fryer and disconnecting the speakers, which is not recommended.

Fortunately, the unit comes with a comprehensive recipe book that provides ample inspiration for experimenting with your cooking skills.

Dimension: 14″D x 13″W x 14.5″H

Capacity: 7 Quarts

Weight: 3 lbs.

Power: 1700 watts

Temperature range: 90°F to 400°F


  • The air fryer has ample capacity to cook food for up to four people
  • It allows you to prepare meals with up to 70% fewer calories than traditional cooking methods
  • In addition to air frying, it can also roast and broil food
  • The air fryer automatically shuts off when not in use, conserving energy
  • Its accessories can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher


  • The plastic odor lingers even after multiple washes
  • The loud and irritating beeping sound may be an issue for some users

2. Cosori 9-in-1 - Best Dishwasher Safe Air Fryer

Cosori 9-in-1 - Best Dishwasher Safe Air Fryer

The 5-quart capacity of this air fryer is sufficient to cook 12 wings or two medium-sized steaks in one go, making it suitable for preparing meals for up to two people at once.

Equipped with nine one-touch cooking functions and a 450°F maximum temperature, this air fryer allows you to cook a variety of keto and healthy recipes with ease.

While the Power XL model mentioned earlier and this Cosori air fryer are priced similarly, the former boasts a larger capacity and more preset options.

This air fryer stands out for its quiet operation, which our team members appreciated. If the noise generated by a functioning appliance bothers you, this air fryer is an ideal choice.

However, this model lacks a shake-reminder feature to prompt you to shake the food halfway through cooking, so you must monitor the timer yourself.

One impressive feature of this air fryer is its dedicated on/off button, which eliminates the need to unplug the unit to turn it off.

Despite its maximum temperature capability, the air fryer's exterior does not become uncomfortably hot. Nonetheless, it is advisable to avoid the exhaust port, which releases hot air and gases.

Dimension: 10.71"D x 10.83"W x 11.93"H

Capacity: 5 Quarts

Weight: 10 lbs.

Power: 1500 watts

Temperature range: 170°F to 450°F


  • The air fryer has an attractive tempered glass touch screen control interface
  • It features a food shake/flip reminder to ensure that the food is cooked evenly
  • This air fryer operates quietly, minimizing noise pollution in the kitchen
  • The WiFi app works seamlessly, enhancing the user experience


  • The tempered glass top is prone to accumulating fingerprints, requiring frequent cleaning
  • Certain foods produce excessive smoke when cooked, which could be a nuisance

3. DASH Tasti-Crisp - Best 6 Quart Air Fryer

DASH Tasti-Crisp - Best Compact Air Fryer

If you're in search of an affordable air fryer that can cater to your ketogenic diet requirements, the DASH Tasti-Crisp air fryer is worth considering.

This 6 Quart air fryer is suitable for a small family of 3 to 5 people and has a compact design that allows it to fit in any kitchen space.

In addition to its attractive price, which makes it the best air fryer under $100, it comes in a variety of beautiful colors that complement most kitchen decors.

We tested the air fryer by cooking chicken breast, which turned out tender and juicy, albeit taking slightly longer than other models, such as the Ninja and Cosori mentioned earlier.

Therefore, we recommend following the cooking guide's recipes for optimal results.

The air fryer is user-friendly and easy to clean, with satisfactory cooking performance. However, our only complaint is the lack of a manual timer stop button, which necessitates unplugging the unit to stop the timer.

Dimension: 10.8″D x 13.5″W x 12.9″H

Capacity: 6 Quarts

Weight: 13.6 lbs.

Power: 1700 watts

Temperature range: 120°F to 400°F


  • Automatic shut-off feature prevents overcooking or burning of food
  • Easy to use with no learning curve required
  • Compact size doesn't take up much counter space
  • Non-stick basket makes cleaning a breeze


  • May not be suitable for larger families due to its smaller
  • Lacks preset cooking options for added convenience

4. PowerXL Vortex - Best 5 QT Air Fryer

PowerXL Vortex - Best 5 QT Air Fryer

For those seeking a compact unit, the PowerXL Air Fryer Vortex is perfect. It is one quart smaller and slightly more expensive than the DASH Tasti-Crisp mentioned above. However, many people are willing to pay more for the higher performance of their favorite brand.

This air fryer packs a punch with its 10 preset cooking options, which are by far the most among the units we have mentioned.

We tested its fit inside a kitchen cabinet to see if it was suitable for people with limited kitchen space, and we found that it can be stored in a kitchen cabinet if there is no slab partitioning.

In terms of color, the black finish of this unit will surely make your kitchen look more elegant and pep up your mood.

The multi-cooker won't accommodate a full chicken or turkey. However, you can easily fit 8–10 chicken wings and non-starchy veggies such as small florets of broccoli and cauliflower and pieces of cucumber.

With its 1500 watts of power, the cooking chamber heats up quickly and helps make keto recipes within minutes. This makes it a good air fryer for keto diet followers.

Dimension: 15.2″D x 11.3″W x 13.5″H

Capacity: 5 Quarts

Weight: 11.2 lbs.

Power: 1500 watts

Temperature range: 90°F to 400°F


  • Versatile 5 in 1 cooking appliance
  • Convenient digital display and touch control panel
  • Offers 10 one-touch cooking presets
  • Auto shut-off feature prevents overcooking


  • Had a plastic-like smell during first use
  • Not safe to clean in the dishwasher

5. Instant Vortex 4-in-1 - Best Compact Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Mini Air Fryer

The PowerXL Air Fryer Vortex is an ideal choice for those who want a compact unit. However, for the fans of the Instant Vortex, here is an option. This unit remembers your last used setting to give you similar results every time, which is helpful if you often forget your time and temperature combinations when cooking in batches.

With a nine-inch-wide body, it can fit into a reasonably sized kitchen cabinet without taking up too much counter space. Although it is not particularly loud, you will still know when it is running.

One aspect of this air fryer that may not be necessary is that the control panel remains lit up even when the unit is not in use. This could be a bit wasteful from a power usage standpoint.

One of the best features of this air fryer is that it allows you to increase the temperature in degree increments, which is more precise than the five-degree incremental settings found in most air fryers.

We tested the roast function by cooking asparagus and salmon, both of which are keto-friendly. The basket was large enough to accommodate two servings of food. The asparagus was perfectly cooked and crisp within ten minutes, but the salmon was a little overdone. Therefore, we recommend cooking delicate foods separately.

Dimension: 9″D x 11″W x 12″H

Capacity: 2 Quarts

Weight: 7.2 lbs.

Power: 1300 watts

Temperature range: 120°F to 400°F


  • Intuitive touch panel for easy use
  • Accurate time and temperature settings
  • Fast and even cooking
  • Compact size
  • Easy-to-clean tray and basket


  • Capacity suitable for only one person
  • Outside is prone to collecting fingerprints

6. Dash Aircrisp Pro - Best Air Fryer for Small Spaces

Dash AirCrisp Pro Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker – Most Versatile Dash Air Fryer

Dash DMAF360GBAQ02 is slightly larger than the smaller air fryers mentioned above. It features 8 preset options, making it perfect for picky eaters on keto. You can make fish, veggies, keto air fryer desserts, chicken, steak, and more.

We enjoyed the clear, intuitive, and user-friendly digital display. The minimalist design and build of the air fryer make it easy to clean from the outside. However, when cleaning the basket, be cautious, as our experience has shown that hard cleaning can chip off the coating. We will update you, as one test is not enough to determine when the coating will wear off.

We cooked two chicken thighs, and they fit comfortably in the air fryer with some space to spare. Without adding any oil, we slapped the skin side down with the surface covered in spices. The chicken's own fat was enough to oil the meat, providing perfect taste and crispiness.

Initially, we set the temperature to medium and later increased it to crisp the skin. The thighs were tender, juicy, and crispy.

The unit vents a lot of hot air from the rear, so avoid placing anything sensitive behind it when in use.

Dimension: 12.6″D x 10.4″W x 13″H

Capacity: 3 Quarts

Weight: 11.3 lbs.

Power: 1200 watts

Temperature range: 150°F to 400°F


  • Clear and bright digital display with touch control panel
  • 8 preset cooking options with just one tap
  • Auto shut-off feature when cooking time is completed
  • The handle stays cool during cooking


  • The air fryer is large and bulky
  • The basket cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher

7. Elite Gourmet EAF1121BG - Best Air Fryer for One Person

Elite Gourmet EAF1121BG - Best Air Fryer for One Person review

This air fryer is perfect for making a single-serving keto breakfast, such as vegetable egg cups, providing you with a filling and protein-packed start to your day.

It is also a non-toxic air fryer with PFOA- and PTFE-free removable parts, giving you peace of mind that no harmful toxins will leach into your food even if you cook at the highest temperature.

You can easily fit two egg rolls without overlap, but if you want to cook more, you'll need to cook in batches.

This small and compact air fryer is undoubtedly the best air fryer under $50 for its abilities, making it a great investment for those on a budget who want to prepare keto meals for beginners.

Cleaning the air fryer is hassle-free, but using a silicone mat can further reduce the mess, making cleaning even easier.

We initially detected a plastic smell, but as stated in the air fryer manual, we washed the accessories, cleaned the interior with warm water, and ran the air fryer empty for 30 minutes to burn off the heating element coating, which eliminated the odor.

The only drawback we found with this air fryer is that it cooks more slowly than other units. However, it's ideal for single-person meals, even though you'll need to allow a little more cooking time.

Dimension: 6.5″D x 6.5″W x 9.8″H

Capacity: 1.1 Quarts

Weight: 4.9 lbs.

Power: 1000 watts

Temperature range: 176°F to 395°F


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Fast and even cooking
  • Perfect for single-serving meals 
  • PFOA/PTFE free removable parts
  • Affordable option under $50
  • Easy to clean
  • Can accommodate two egg rolls without overlapping


  • Slow cooking compared to other units
  • Cannot adjust time or temperature midway through cooking
  • Strong plastic smell during initial use

8. Elite Gourmet EAF-3218R - Best Air Fryer for 2 People

Elite Gourmet EAF-3218R - Best Air Fryer for 2 People review

The Elite Gourmet EAF-3218R and EAF1121BG units have many similarities, including being PFOA- and Teflon-free air fryers with small footprints and similar price ranges.

However, they differ in their shape, wattage, and temperature range. The EAF-3218R is a 1350-watt air fryer, while the EAF1121BG is a 1000-watt air fryer. If you want to keep electricity consumption and utility bills low, the EAF1121BG is the better option.

The maximum temperature of the EAF-3218R is 390 °F, while the EAF1121BG's is 396 °F, which is not a significant difference.

The EAF-3218R can only hold three medium-sized chicken breasts and a pack of rutabagas keto air fryer chips at a time.

The integrated air filtration system in the EAF-3218R blocks all food odors, keeping your kitchen odor-free during and after cooking. The auto-shutoff feature and indicator bell are two valuable features that are typically found in more expensive air fryers.

Everything about this air fryer is excellent except for the imprecise time calibration, which makes it difficult to determine whether the unit is set for 3 or 5 minutes.

Dimension: 11.75″D x 12.48″W x 11.42″H

Capacity: 4 Quarts

Weight: 8.9 lbs.

Power: 1350 watts

Temperature range: 180°F to 390°F


  • Automatic shut-off feature to prevent overcooking
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Excellent non-stick coating that is PFOA-free
  • Quiet operation


  • Inability to adjust the timer backwards
  • Analog controls are slightly inconvenient

Things to Consider Before Buying

When selecting an air fryer for your keto diet, there are a few things you should consider to make sure you get the best air fryer for your needs.


The size of your air fryer depends on how much food you want to cook. For a keto diet, a small air fryer is suitable, as you can find 2- to 3-quart air fryers that are perfect for keto diet recipes and easy to store in a kitchen cabinet. However, if you want to use your air fryer for a ketogenic, vegan, and regular diet as well as regular food, then purchasing a larger unit is more suitable as it can cook more food for your family or guests.

Budget Consciousness

When purchasing an air fryer for a specific purpose, such as a keto diet, budget becomes an important consideration. It's not ideal to invest a lot of money in an appliance that only cooks small portions for a few people. Look for an air fryer that is affordable and fits within your budget.

Cooking Function

To stick to your low-carb diet, your air fryer should have cooking functions that facilitate keto-friendly meals. Incorporating grilled meat, low-carb baked desserts, and vegetables into your diet plan is a great idea. Hence, choose an air fryer with excellent grilling, roasting, and baking features that allow you to prepare grilled fish, roasted vegetable sides, and more.

Easier to Clean

If you are on a diet plan, you will likely be preparing your recommended meals several times throughout the day. Therefore, it's essential to choose an air fryer that is easy to clean so that you don't have to spend hours scrubbing the unit after each use. Opting for an air fryer with a non-stick coating is a wise decision for this purpose.

Air Fryer Accessories

Air fryer accessories can enhance the versatility of your unit. For instance, an air fryer wire rack enables you to cook multiple ingredients at once. Therefore, opt for an air fryer that includes a single or double-layer air fryer rack, allowing you to cook meat and vegetables simultaneously and prepare a comprehensive ketogenic meal.

Ease of Use

To simplify the process of preparing a keto diet meal, it is best to choose an air fryer with an intuitive control panel that does not come with complicated settings and controls, causing you to constantly refer to the instruction booklet. This is especially important when you are making different keto air fryer breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners every day. Look for an air fryer with a well-lit control panel that offers a range of time and temperature settings to prepare various kinds of food.


Is the air fryer good for keto diet?

Yes, using an air fryer is an excellent option for cooking low-carb food if you are on a keto diet. You can also cook food without oil in an air fryer. Therefore, it does not add extra fat and calories to your diet.

Is an air fryer good for weight loss?

When you use an air fryer compared to a deep fryer, your oil intake reduces by up to 90%. Therefore, an air fryer is good for weight loss as it helps you consume food with less fat.

What is the healthiest thing to put in an Air Fryer?

When making healthy recipes in an air fryer, you get a pretty long list of options with your air fryer and online too. You can make roasted vegetables, honey-garlic salmon, cauliflower steaks, and much more.

Are french fries cooked in an air fryer healthy?

Yes, French fries cooked in an air fryer are considered healthy. First, they require approximately 70–80% less oil than a deep fryer. Secondly, due to the hot circulating air, even the oil inside the fries drips down into the air fryer drawer below the basket.

Wrapping Up!

Weight loss, healthy living, and eating a keto diet are journeys that require effort. One of those efforts is ensuring you have the cooking tools for following the best keto recipes. An air fryer is an excellent gadget that helps you cook all kinds of low-carb and healthy-fat recipes. Finding the right size and quality air fryer is a hassle. We have solved this problem by providing you with a list of the best air fryers for keto. Before purchasing the unit, read the buying guide to know what qualities a suitable air fryer for keto must have.

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