Top 4 Best Bagel Slicers 2024 Reviews

Best Bagel Slicers

There isn't much better than a cream cheese-covered bagel to start your day. Perhaps you have a little (or big) bagel shop to help others start their day with a full stomach. Whatever group you belong to, you must still cut the bagel in half gently and evenly.

Don't you despise it when you cut your bagel unevenly? One-half of a loaf of bread may not even fit in your toaster! Or, even worse, the blade catches your finger or is so dull that it causes the bagel to be squashed in the process.

In any case, you could have a better day if you start with a smooth morning in the kitchen, which implies a bagel slicer if bagels are involved. We've reviewed the best bagel slicers now available to help you choose one that won't leave you wishing you'd just used a knife. So let's look through them and choose the one that's right for you.

The Best Bagel Slicers Reviews

1. Hoan Bagel Guillotine

Hoan Bagel Guillotine

There's a reason sandwich bread comes pre-sliced, but the greatest bagels are the fresh ones, which are generally sold whole to preserve freshness. Fortunately, the Hoan Bagel Guillotine is available to assist you in safely and effortlessly slicing your bagel right down the center.

Take care of your fingertips!

The blade is carefully kept away from your hands with the Hoan Bagel Guillotine, protecting you from any potential harm.

The bagel rests in a slot, so you simply press down on it with the handle above, and voila, you have a cleanly sliced bagel with little effort required to keep a straight cut.

Is it attractive enough for a countertop?

This beauty, available in a gorgeous silver finish, will not look tacky on your countertop and seems to be another of the usual kitchen appliances/utensils.

Your fingers are kept connected to your hand by the two transparent acrylic safety shields, and the cradle secures the bagel. You won't cut yourself or leave an unpleasant cut on the bagel thanks to the smooth slicing and robust knife-edge. Given that some mornings call for muffins or buns, the design even enables usage with other rolls.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bagels tend to be smashed with time, so keep that edge sharp so it stays effective with regular usage. So you need to maintain its sharpness.


  • Finger shields keep your fingertips protected
  • Instead of white plastic, it has a silver finish


  • The cutting edge might be a little sharper
  • Design eventually results in smashed bagels

2. Koozam Bagel Slicer

Koozam Bagel Slicer

If you have a white kitchen, you could choose a guillotine made of high-end white plastic. The Koozam bagel slicer is exactly that, with a stainless steel blade to prevent rusting and serrated edging to prevent the mashing that some other guillotine options have.

With its wide base for increased stability and a pleasant grip for smaller, more delicate hands, this is an excellent choice for people with younger family members assisting with the cooking, or for anybody with mobility issues.

First and foremost, safety!

Clear acrylic guards protect you from slicing your fingers, which makes this bagel slicer a perfect choice for those who are concerned about safety.

However, we did notice that the width of this bagel slicer prevents it from being used with many of our favorite bigger bagels, which may be a big letdown when you come home from your local bagel shop.


  • Stainless steel serrated blade
  • Guards for safety


  • No big NY Bagels because of the smaller size

3. Tablecraft Firmgrip Bagel Knife

Tablecraft Firmgrip Bagel Knife

If you don't want to use a guillotine type bagel slicer, the FirmGrip bagel knife by Tablecraft may be the solution. 

Because it is not limited to slicing straight down, this knife is less likely to break the bagel. It also allows for the classic bread-cutting technique of back-and-forth slicing. 

What makes it superior to a knife? 

A plastic guide on each side of the stainless steel blade helps you cut exactly down the middle. Also, It won't accidentally jump out of your hands because of the patented ergonomic soft-grip nonslip handle.

Even better, it's dishwasher safe! 

You won't waste your cash on a new kitchen item with limited use because it's one of the less expensive options here. However, we see why some may consider this to be no better than a standard knife, and we would find it difficult to argue with them. However, if you want further instruction, simply keep an eye on your fingers. 


  • There will be fewer smashed bagels than using the guillotine option.
  • Less bulky compared to the guillotine style


  • There is no finger protection from the blade

4. Joie Bagel Slicer

Joie Bagel Slicer

The Joie Bagel Slicer is the most simple of the products reviewed, offering a more specialized knife guide for bagel use than the above option. But might that also make it the best choice for some?

A compact item...

This bagel slicer enables you to use your own knife and has removable side guides for easy storage. This is something we actually appreciated in some aspects, since it allows you to use the regular bread slicing method to limit squashing the bagel while also eliminating the need for dull blades.

Simple and straightforward...

It keeps the bagel at the ideal cutting angle and guides the knife through the center every time for a lovely clean cut. You can also use a bread knife with serrations, which is ideal for bagels.

Only two things need to be noted...

There is no safety guard, and the design requires you to be cautious with your fingertips. Once you're used to it, it's probably safer than just slicing the bagel the old-fashioned way. The design also places a restriction on bagel thickness, as it does with most of the options listed. Therefore, if you enjoy the thick NY style bagels, this slicer might not be the ideal choice for you.


  • Any knife can be used
  • In comparison to the others on this list, it is compact
  • One of the more affordable options listed here


  • Thickness restrictions
  • There is no finger protection to keep your fingertips safe

Best Bagel Slicer Buying Guide

Not everyone requires a bagel slicer, but for some, it's a good to-have, while for others, it's a must. So, let's go through some factors to think about in order to get the best bagel slicer for you.

If you have children who are constantly eager to assist in the kitchen, you're probably always on the lookout for those little hands grabbing for anything pointy. There's no reason to prevent them from trying to assist with the guillotine method.

There is no requirement for steady hands or a firm grip!

Best Bagel Slicer Buying Guide

Similarly, if you or someone you know has any form of ability restriction, this may be the best option. You only need to be able to put the bagel into the guillotine bagel slicers and then press straight down. It's simple and convenient.

Do you enjoy your kitchen gadgets?

The greatest bagel slicer for your kitchen is the one you will use the most. If you prefer having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place, you might enjoy having a tool for everything.

There are so many choices!

Not only in our review of the best bagel slicers, but also in the bagels themselves. Both in terms of the bagels and what you put on them. This is no longer just a morning dish, so you could use the best bagel slicer that you can afford all day.

Why eat a plain old sandwich when you can use your new bagel cutter to put the very same ingredients on a gorgeous bagel?

Best Bagel Slicer Buying Guide cutter

Do you own a shop or simply adore bagels?

If you own a business that requires a bagel slicer, you'll most likely need something of high quality and durability. Consider replaceable blades or choices that are easy to sharpen. Equally, if you're like some of our colleagues who appear to eat a bagel at every meal of the day.

Is it supposed to look nice on the counter or hidden in a drawer?

Some of these selections are significantly larger than others, while others have a wonderful quality appearance to them and may be left out on display. If you don't intend to use it much and want it to be tucked away while not in use, one of the smaller models that take up less cupboard space could be worth considering.

Best Bagel Slicer Buying Guide cut

Finally, is it only for bagels?

Some of the best bagel slicers listed above also work with loaves of bread, which means you'll get a lot more usage out of your new kitchen item. If this is essential to you, take adaptability into account while making your selection.

So, What’s The Best Bagel Slicer?

Finally, the best bagel slicer for you is the one that you will use the most. Hopefully, this review has both highlighted the major characteristics of each item and assisted you in determining the key elements to consider before making your purchase.

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