T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Cookware Set Review

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Cookware Set Review

Are You In The Market For A New Set Of Cookware? 

If so, this 12-piece cookware set is top notch and could be the perfect choice for your kitchen. It is manufactured from high-quality hard-anodized aluminum and has a titanium-reinforced nonstick surface.

You can use this set for cooking on electric, halogen, gas, and ceramic type burners. So you will be able to make deliciously cooked food right away. And the Thermo Spot Technology in the fry pans lets you know when they are up to temperature and ready to be cooked on.

Whether you want to fry some eggs or finish a steak off in the oven, this cookware set won’t disappoint. And you can rest assured they are built to last as you would expect when using T-fal products.

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What’s In The Box?

Cookware sets come in any number of pieces and designs from one manufacturer to another. But, here is what’s included in this 12-piece T-fal cookware set.

  • 8-inch fry pan.
  • 10-inch fry pan.
  • 1-quart saucepan with lid.
  • 2-quart saucepan with lid.
  • 3-quart saucepan with lid.
  • 5-quart; Dutch Oven with lid.
  • One solid spoon.
  • One slotted spatula.

They have a nice grayish black finish on the exterior and a smooth interior. The lids on the saucepans are see-through and are made of tempered glass so you can see what your cooking at all times.

Cooking Experience

The pans came to temperature nice and quickly, and the heat distribution is nice and evenly distributed throughout the surface of the pan. The soft silicone handles provide a secure grip and stay pretty cool to the touch when handled.

You won’t have to worry about anything sticking to the surface on this cookware set as the nonstick surface is excellent. My pancakes slid right off the pan.

However, we do recommend using just a dab of oil or some other type of fat on all types of cookware, though just to be extra safe.

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So versatile…

I love to cook and being able to cook on multiple types of burners, and the ability to finish off a nice steak, for example, in the oven matters to me. I know that during the holidays, it can be very convenient being able to simply grab your saucepan and to head over to your neighbors and reheat or even finish cooking if necessary.

When it comes to versatility, this set covers almost every choice of burner you can throw at it. Whether it be halogen, gas, electric, or even ceramic, you will not have a problem using this cookware set to create delicious meals on it. However, it isn’t suitable for induction hobs.

You can also use this cookware set in the oven. It is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so no worries there.

Made to last…

Cookware sets can be made from your standard stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron, to name just a few. However, you shouldn’t have to replace your cookware on a frequent basis, and what it is made of has a lot to do with that. This is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which is around 30% stronger than your standard stainless steel.

The hard anodized surface on this cookware set is extremely resistant to corrosion, chipping, and even peeling.

Why does this matter?

Well, you can easily have this in your kitchen for years to come. But just like anything, though, you will need to take care of it properly. Problems can always arise with anything you purchase, though, and it is always nice to have a warranty to cover those unfortunate and unpredictable times.

Fortunately, T-fal provides a limited lifetime warranty with this 12-piece set that covers you against any defects in the material or workmanship under normal everyday use.

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Easy to clean…

Cookware isn’t always the easiest thing to take care of, and a lot of it comes down to cleaning it without damaging its nonstick surface, as well as also preventing rust or corrosion. But that really is nothing to worry about, because this set is dishwasher safe.

Just make sure…

With a hard-anodized aluminum cookware set, the coating applied to the exterior is what will protect this cookware set from the dishwasher. So, it is best to avoid using any type of scouring pad that could potentially scratch it.

A gentle detergent and some good old fashion handwashing will go a long way in increasing the life span of this cookware set even more.

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That’s not all…

You don’t commonly think of special features when it comes to cookware, but T-fal has what they call a Thermo Spot Heat Indicator on this set of cookware. You will notice a red dot built into the nonstick coating at the center of the fry pans but not on the saucepans.

This red dot will change color as the pan heats up. It helps you know when the pan is preheated, so you have the best cooking experience.

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More Options

If you’re not convinced that the T-fal is the perfect cookware set for you for whatever reason, no need to worry; there are plenty of other excellent choices available. And the best place to find them is by checking out our reviews of the Healthiest Nonstick Pans, the Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets, the Best Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pans, and the Best Ceramic Cookware Sets currently available.

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Pros And Cons


  • Priced very reasonably, especially for a 12-piece set.
  • Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, and electric burner friendly.
  • See-through lids so you can watch as you cook.
  • Titanium reinforced nonstick surface.
  • Pans get to temperature and spread heat evenly.
  • Handles stay cool and are easy to handle.
  • Limited-Lifetime warranty.
  • Thermo spot technology to let you know when to start cooking.


  • The lids are a little on the heavy side.
  • Will not work on induction style burners.

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If you are in the market for a great all-round 12-piece nonstick cookware set that looks stylish, you really can’t go wrong with the T-fal E765SC Ultimate Hard Anodized Cookware Set.

T-fal provides some of the highest quality cookware available. From its hard-anodized exterior to the lovely titanium-reinforced nonstick interior, you will be able to consistently cook on this set time and time again without any worries.

Just remember that this set will not work on induction type burners, though, so keep that in mind.

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