Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Air Fryers 2024 Reviews

Best Stainless Steel Air Fryers

Are you in the market for the best stainless steel air fryer? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best stainless steel air fryers, to help you make an informed decision.

Our reviews are based on extensive research and in-depth analysis of the features, performance, user feedback, and more.

With our reviews, you can be sure to find the perfect stainless steel air fryer for your kitchen. Read on to learn more about the best stainless steel air fryers on the market today.

The Best Stainless Steel Air Fryers Reviews

1. CHEFMAN Max XL - Best Digital Air Fryer

CHEFMAN Max XL - Best Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Chefman's big boy cooking appliance is constructed using stainless steel instead of plastic, making it highly durable. As a BPA-free option, it is certainly among the best non-toxic air fryers available.

The unit features a crisper plate instead of a separate basket, which can be problematic when serving cooked food on a plate. Caution should always be taken to avoid burning your hands on the hot plate.

Despite this potential issue, the crisper plate offers its own benefits. Unlike an air fryer basket with many grooves and holes, cleaning the crisper plate is hassle-free and easy with warm water and soap. The removable tray is also easy to clean, making it great for busy households.

The control panel on the Chefman Max XL Best Digital Air Fryer is straightforward and easy to use, even by a 13-year-old to make their own meal. You can easily adjust the temperature and timer for your desired results. Simply arrange the food on the crisper plate and punch in the cook settings. However, it would be even more convenient for new air fryer users if the appliance had some cooking presets.

We put the 8-quart capacity of this air fryer to the test and were able to cook more than 4 pounds of chicken, approximately 3 pounds of fries, and an equal quantity of chicken wings in one go. This makes it a great choice for large families or groups.

With its many useful functions, the CHEFMAN Max XL Best Digital Air Fryer can replace a countertop oven and toaster, giving you plenty of options to cook a variety of dishes quickly and efficiently. It’s fast, efficient, and offers great value for money. However, it has a large footprint and will require dedicated space in the kitchen.

Dimension: 12.75 x 13.5 x 10 inches

Capacity: 8 Quarts

Weight: 12.80 lbs.

Power: 1000 watts

Max Temperature: 400°F


  • Impressive cooking capacity
  • User-friendly operation
  • Preset time and temperature are aligned with recipes
  • 60-minute auto shut-off timer
  • Energy-efficient air fryer


  • Takes up a significant amount of counter space
  • Control panel can be unresponsive at times

2. Breville Pro BOV900BSS - Best Air Fryer Oven Combo

Breville Pro BOV900BSS - Best Air Fryer Oven Combo

The Breville Pro BOV900BSS is a versatile appliance that combines the functionality of an air fryer with a toaster oven, eliminating the need for multiple devices that take up valuable counter space.

This stainless steel air fryer boasts a brushed non-stick finish and an Element iQ System, a unique feature not found in many other air fryers. that helps you cook your food evenly and quickly. The durable stainless steel construction ensures longevity, while the Element iQ System controls six independent quartz elements that focus heat precisely where it's needed in order to cook your food to perfection, ensuring that every part of your dish is properly cooked.

The Breville Pro BOV900BSS also features a sensor and digital PID temperature control, which helps to avoid cold spots while cooking. This means that you can cook plenty of food in a shorter amount of time without worrying about inconsistent temperatures.

The Breville Pro BOV900BSS is a faster and more efficient alternative to a traditional convection oven, capable of cooking large quantities of food in a shorter amount of time.

It's the perfect unit for those looking for an air fryer with racks; we were able to cook an entire casserole using four trays simultaneously, resulting in a perfectly cooked and beautifully browned crust.

The only downside was the loud beeping sound the unit made when cooking was complete, which we found somewhat startling. A volume control option would be a welcome addition to this otherwise exceptional appliance.

Dimension: 21.5 x 17.5 x 12.7 inches

Capacity: 1 Cubic Feet

Weight: 38.90 lbs.

Power: 1800 watts

Max Temperature: 480°F


  • 13-in-1 appliance with versatile functions
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Equipped with a glass window and interior light to view cooking progress
  • Intuitive operating controls for easy selection
  • Excellent for toasting, baking, and roasting


  • Tedious cleaning process
  • Bulky and heavy unit
  • Very costly

3. COSORI CO130-AO - Best Large Air Fryer

COSORI CO130-AO 12-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo Convection Roaster – Largest Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Another 32-quart air fryer that resembles an oven on our list is the one from Cosori. The kitchen appliance is entirely made of stainless steel, both inside and out.

While its stainless steel construction makes it durable, it also contributes to its heaviness. However, as the saying goes, "there is no rose without thorns," so this is something to bear in mind.

If you do not plan on moving your air fryer frequently, then this may not be an issue. Moreover, the combination of multiple functions in one appliance makes it an irresistible cooking gadget.

The air fryer rests on rubber feet that offer stability and eliminate the risk of slipping. These feet also lift the air fryer a bit, enabling you to clean any food remnants underneath.

As you set up the unit on your kitchen counter, you'll be greeted by an intuitive control panel. The LED display is bright, clear, and easy to program, with all the information in your line of sight.

Like most high-quality and powerful air fryers, this one operates on 1800 watts of power. While this is not too high, it can impact your electricity bill if used carelessly, such as by forgetting to unplug it when not in use.

When cooking, the CO130-AO air fryer gets extremely hot on the outside. This is typical of any toaster oven operating at high temperatures, so be cautious when handling it.

Dimension: 20.1 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches

Capacity: 30 Liters

Weight: 19.60 lbs.

Power: 1800 watts

Max Temperature: 400°F


  • The 12 versatile options remove the need for guesswork
  • Rearview and interior lights aid in monitoring food progress
  • Quiet cooking operations
  • Faster and even cooking
  • Highly affordable price


  • The unit gets hot on the outside
  • The door does not open fully flat

4. Instant Vortex Plus - Best 6 Quart Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer 6 in 1 - Best Non-Toxic Air Fryer

When the air fryer arrived, it came in a sturdy box, and we found the unit undamaged.

Compared to the Instant Vortex air fryer we previously mentioned, this medium-sized air fryer is more suitable for families of 4-5 people.

Upon unboxing, we noticed a strong plastic smell, but from our experience testing many air fryers, we know that this smell is not permanent. Running a few rounds of the air fryer without food eliminates the smell, and we successfully got rid of it this way.

The outer body of this air fryer features stainless steel accents and plastic, which add to the unit's durability and attractiveness.

There are six one-touch programs, including options for cooking chicken wings, garlicky potatoes, and roasted vegetables.

One of the benefits of having a super-fast air fryer is that little to no preheating time is required. As soon as you put the food inside, it starts cooking.

We tested the air fryer by making cheese sandwiches and spicy fish. Both items came out nicely toasted with a mouth-watering aroma, and the spicy grilled fish was juicy and perfectly cooked.

After baking Oreos using the bake function, we are convinced that this is the best air fryer for baking.

The beeping sound and shake reminder are practical features, but the noise level is quite loud and can be heard even from the other side of the house.

Dimension: 12.36 x 14.92 x 12.83 inches

Capacity: 6 Quarts

Weight: 15.37 lbs.

Power: 1500 watts

Max Temperature: 400°F


  • Operation is extremely easy
  • Compact and doesn't take up much space
  • Flip/shake reminder at halfway through cooking
  • Control panel is easy and simple to use
  • Memory setting for time and temperature


  • No preset options included
  • The unit can be a bit loud

5. COSORI CS100-AO-S - Best Smart Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 26.4QT

If the COSORI CO130-AO 32 QT air fryer is too large for your needs, there's another option available. While it looks similar to the CO130-AO, it has a much smaller capacity.

This makes it the ideal air fryer for families of five who want their food ready quickly. The stainless steel body makes cleaning easier, but it's important to clean it immediately after cooking to avoid stubborn grease.

The crumb tray should also be placed on the air fryer's floor to collect food remains and juices for easy cleaning later.

We love the design and construction of this air fryer. The front has a transparent viewing door and an internal oven light, complementing each other and allowing you to see what's happening to your food.

Two heat vents on the right side of the air fryer exhaust excess heat, so it's best not to place it too close to the wall.

This smart air fryer can be controlled through Alexa, allowing you to give instructions without leaving your seat. You can also connect it to your smartphone and receive cooking updates while you're busy with other tasks.

The accompanying smartphone app contains 75 easy air-frying recipes, preventing you from memorizing them and making mistakes.

While this air fryer is an excellent kitchen gadget, you may need to spend some time learning how to use its control panel. It's a good idea to read the user manual before getting started.

Dimension: 16.3 x 16.9 x 15.5 inches

Capacity: 26.4 Quarts

Weight: 21.6 lbs.

Power: 1800 watts

Max Temperature: 450°F


  • App and voice-controlled feature for convenience
  • Halfway reminder to shake or flip the food
  • Even cooking with 6 heating elements
  • Ability to cook multiple foods simultaneously
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning


  • Cannot power on the unit via the app
  • Glass window can get foggy during cooking

6. GoWISE USA - Best Air Fryer With Rotisserie

GoWISE USA 14.7-Quart Air Fryer Grill

Upon opening the air fryer's secure packaging, one cannot help but notice the numerous useful accessories that come with it, such as steel racks, a grill plate, rotisserie spits, a basket, and a shallow mesh basket. The inclusion of these accessories allows for a variety of cooking options and maximum utilization of the air fryer. Its accessories can be fitted at multiple levels to cook more than one type of food, as we did by cooking veggies on the bottom rack and grilled chicken breast on the upper layer.

This air fryer is the best air fryer grill combo, with the grilled chicken breast being juicy, tender, and perfectly caramelized on both sides. However, the veggies were a bit soggy at first due to their placement on the bottom rack, but we were able to remedy this by placing the tray on the upper layer and cooking for a couple more minutes to achieve a crispier crust.

The air fryer's shape is its significant strength, as its body is compact and sleek compared to its Qts capacity. Although it does not demand additional space, it is tall and occupies some permanent space on the kitchen counter. The heavy door opens outward, goes all the way, and rests flatly on the kitchen counter, making it easy to put in and take out food, even the rotisserie basket.

The control panel is elaborate and clearly displays everything about presets and other functions, including the remaining time and cooking temperature in one corner and information about heating elements and the power button on the other corner.

Dimension: 12.75 x 13 x 14 inches

Capacity: 14.7 Quarts

Weight: 28.4 lbs

Power: 1700 watts

Max Temperature: 450°F


  • Offers a variety of cooking options
  • Has an intuitive digital control panel
  • Non-stick surface makes cleaning easy
  • We did not find the unit too loud
  • Can cook two recipes at a time


  • Cannot directly select any cooking option
  • It does get very hot from the outside

7. Ultrean 6 Quart Stainless Steel Air Fryer Combo with Roaster

Ultrean 6 Quart Stainless Steel Air Fryer Combo with Roaster

The air fryer has obtained UL certification, indicating that it has successfully undergone safety and quality control tests and is safe for human use.

In addition, this air fryer is praiseworthy for not being overly expensive despite undergoing extensive quality control testing. It is actually one of the more affordable air fryers on our list.

You can purchase this air fryer for less than $100. Can you believe it? Yes, it's true!

The air fryer has a black finish with stainless steel accents on its body, giving it a chic appearance.

We tested both fresh ingredients and frozen food in this air fryer. Frozen food takes longer to cook, so be prepared to cook it for a longer period if you want the highly praised crispy texture.

The basket has a big handle at the front for easy removal. It is spacious enough to accommodate a muffin tray or a stainless steel rack.

It is definitely large, so be sure to check the measurements and the available space in your kitchen before purchasing. The size makes it less portable, but who frequently moves a cooking appliance unless they want to use an air fryer outdoors?

Dimension: 14.92 x 12.52 x 14.41 inches

Capacity: 6 Quarts

Weight: 17.03 lbs.

Power: 1700 watts

Max Temperature: 370°F


  • Rapid heat & air technology to cook food quickly
  • Glowing digital user-friendly control panel
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • The noise level is quite low
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic smell during the first use
  • Difficult to insert basket after preheating

8. Oster Air Fryer Oven, 10-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven, XL

Oster Air Fryer Oven, 10-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven, XL

It's not easy to find a high-quality French door air fryer. The big handles on both doors provide a firm grip, making it easier to get your food in and out.

Inside, the air fryer is very spacious, with three grooves to adjust racks and trays. Fortunately, all the essential accessories come with it, so you don't have to buy them separately. These accessories include an air fryer rack, a broil rack, a baking pan, and a crumb tray, giving you endless cooking options.

We used the broil feature to cook frozen burgers, and the air fryer broiled them evenly. The full-size pizza also turned out finger-licking good, with no overcooked edges or undercooked spots.

The control panel is intuitive and located on one side of the machine. Each button is labeled with its function, making it easy to understand and operate. However, the buttons are not very touch-sensitive, so you may need to press them with force to make them work. Despite this issue, the cooking competency of this unit is quite impressive and worth investing in.

Dimension: 20.71 x 24.61 x 17.01 inches

Capacity: 35.6 Liters

Weight: 27.20 lbs.

Power: 1525 watts

Max Temperature: 450°F


  • 10 one-touch cooking functions
  • The unit preheats very quickly
  • Interior light for monitoring the cooking process
  • Cook two of the same or different recipes at a time
  • The bottom includes a shelf that catches drips


  • The temperature increases in 25-degree increments
  • The door doesn't lock into position until fully opened

9. Geek Chef Air Fryer, 6 Slice 24 QT Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Geek Chef Air Fryer, 6 Slice 24 QT Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

The advantage of purchasing a family-size air fryer is that you have ample space to prepare food for gatherings, making them more enjoyable.

This giant 24.5-quart air fryer and toaster oven combo is perfect for people with basic cooking skills who want to impress their family.

Its air-frying function is strengthened by a fan that circulates hot air at high speeds, ensuring that food is cooked evenly. Its intelligent cooking technology eliminates the chances of mistakes.

In addition to its exceptional cooking capabilities, the brushed steel exterior adds to its longevity and complements your kitchen décor.

Unlike most air fryers, this model has knob-style controls that make it user-friendly. Although digital controls have their advantages, some people, especially older adults, find these vintage-style knobs and dials more appealing and easier to use.

Cooking presets improve the cooking ability and usefulness of an air fryer. This model's five cooking presets (warm, broil, toast, bake, and air fry) meet the cooking requirements of most households.

Cooking is significantly simpler, but the oven light goes off when the door is opened, which is inconvenient. It should stay on so that you can monitor everything correctly.

When purchasing a cooking appliance, safety should always be a top priority. This product has passed the safety check and is marked with the ETL mark, indicating that it meets national appliance safety standards.

Dimension: 20.04 x 16.57 x 11.14 inches

Capacity: 24 Quarts

Weight: 23.2 lbs.

Power: 1700 watts

Max Temperature: 450°F


  • Can air fry, roast, bake, broil, and reheat 
  • Multiple racks to prepare different foods
  • 360-degree hot air circulation for quick and even cooking
  • Interior light to check cooking progress


  • Cooking time is slightly longer 
  • It can get hot from the outside

10. NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Smart Oven, 12-in-1 Countertop Convection

NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Smart Oven, 12-in-1 Countertop Convection

The objective of purchasing an air fryer is to cook food quickly without wasting any time on preheating, and this air fryer can help you achieve that goal.

There is no preheat time required, and cooking food in this air fryer takes less time than it does for an oven to preheat.

This large air fryer comes with two wire racks, a crumb tray, an air fryer basket, a baking pan, and a perforated broiler rack, all of which are of excellent quality and built to last.

In addition, a meat probe is included in the package to check the doneness of the food, ensuring that it is cooked to perfection.

The basket is spacious enough to hold more than three pounds of fries, an equal amount of wings, or about four medium-sized steaks. However, overloading the basket is not recommended, as it can make your food soggy.

Cooking in this unit is simple, but it can be noisy.

This air fryer with a stainless steel interior is excellent for baking, air frying, grilling (grilling pan sold separately), and roasting large amounts of food.

With 12 preset settings, you don't have to remember cooking settings. They've got you covered.

Moreover, we discovered that these presets are highly precise, so they won't ruin your food. Choose the appropriate cooking preset, and you're ready to go.

Dimension: 20.04 x 16.57 x 11.14 inches

Capacity: 30 Quarts

Weight: 19 lbs.

Power: 1800 watts

Max Temperature: 500°F


  • 12 preset cooking functions 
  • 5°F increments for precise temperature settings
  • Save and recall up to 50 favorite recipes
  • Best for frozen foods and reheating leftovers


  • Control panel takes time to learn
  • Preset time and temperature settings may not be 100% accurate

Benefits of Stainless Steel Air Fryer

A stainless steel air fryer is a great way to make delicious, healthy meals quickly and easily. Not only are these appliances great for the health-conscious cook, but they are also stylish and durable. Stainless steel air fryers offer a number of benefits that other types of air fryers do not. Here are some of the benefits of using a stainless steel air fryer.


Unlike non-stick coatings, which peel after prolonged use, stainless steel is a long-lasting material, making it a great choice for an appliance that will be used frequently. A stainless steel air fryer will last for many years without rusting or corroding. It’s also less likely to be scratched or damaged by heat or grease.


Stainless steel is non-porous and does not dissolve with food or create toxic fumes as Teflon coating does, making it a safe option for cooking food.

Ease of Cleaning

The smooth surface of stainless steel makes it easy to wipe down after each use. This helps keep your air fryer clean and free of bacteria and germs.


A stainless steel air fryer is a great option for cooks who want to experiment with different recipes. The even heat distribution allows you to fry, bake, roast and grill a variety of foods with ease.

Heat Retention

Stainless steel holds heat very well, so your food will remain hot and crispy long after it has been cooked.

The Best Stainless Steel Air Fryer Buying Guide


Different sizes offer different levels of cooking capacity, so it's important to find one that will fit in your kitchen and meet your needs. If you have limited counter space, a smaller air fryer may be the best option.

On the other hand, if you plan on cooking larger meals or hosting family gatherings, then you may want to opt for a larger model. Additionally, you should consider the capacity of the air fryer's basket, as larger baskets can hold more food at once, saving you time and effort.

Many air fryers can be large and bulky, so it’s important to make sure that you measure the available space you have before purchasing one.

Another aspect to consider when determining an air fryer’s footprint is its weight. If you plan on moving it from countertop to countertop, you will want to make sure it is light enough to be easily moved and stored.


Although you may have the top-of-the-line multi-function stainless steel air fryer oven, it is impossible to completely eliminate the chance of something going awry. In such a scenario, who can you rely on?

While taking your air fryer to a local handyman is an option, there is always a risk that they may cause further damage to your appliance. The safest bet is to seek repair services from the manufacturer's authorized technical service center. Therefore, opting for a stainless steel air fryer that comes with a warranty can prove to be beneficial. This way, you can rest assured that in case of any defects or malfunctions, the manufacturer will be there to provide the necessary support and assistance.

Many brands offer a one-year limited warranty, while others may provide a longer warranty. A longer warranty period can give you peace of mind that your air fryer will be covered if something goes wrong.

It is important to know what the warranty covers and what is excluded from coverage. Check to see if the manufacturer provides any additional services such as repairs or replacements in case of any malfunction. Make sure to read all the fine print so you know exactly what is covered and for how long.

Temperature Range

Air fryers come with adjustable settings that allow you to customize the Temperature To Match The Food You’re Cooking. If You Plan On Cooking Delicate Items Such As Fish Or Vegetables, Then A Low-Temperature Air Fryer Is Ideal. On the other hand, if you plan on making foods like chicken wings or French fries, a higher-temperature air fryer will give you the desired results.

Electricity Consumption

Another important factor to consider is the air fryer's power and wattage. Higher wattage means the air fryer will heat up faster and cook food more efficiently, resulting in quicker cooking times. Moreover, a more powerful air fryer will be able to handle larger meals and cook food more evenly.

Some stainless steel air fryers can consume as much as 1800 watts, while others are more efficient and require only 1000–1500 watts. This means that the more powerful fryers will generally cost more to operate in terms of electricity bills.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, then opting for an energy-efficient air fryer could save you money in the long run.

When comparing the power ratings of different models, always make sure to factor in the size and capacity of the air fryer to ensure that you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison.


The air fryer's cooking features and presets should also be taken into account. Some air fryers come with a variety of cooking functions, such as baking, grilling, and roasting, while others may only have air frying capabilities. The availability of preset cooking options can save you time and ensure your food is cooked to perfection.


The quality of the air fryer's build and accessories should be considered. Stainless steel air fryers are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, but you should also check the quality of the accessories, such as the basket and racks. The best-quality accessories will last longer and ensure your air fryer continues to perform optimally.

Safety features

You should check for any safety features that the air fryer may have, such as automatic shut-off or overheat protection. These features can help prevent accidents and keep you and your kitchen safe.

Cooking Variety

It is recommended that you consider purchasing an air fryer that can assist you in preparing a variety of dishes such as steaks, seafood, vegetables, cakes, desserts, and more. Nevertheless, it is crucial not to be swayed by the additional features of the air fryer and to ensure that the appliance can cook basics such as French fries and chicken wings to perfection.


When looking for the best stainless steel air fryers, it’s important to consider the price. Air fryers are available at a range of prices, from budget-friendly models to premium models.

Cheaper air fryers tend to have fewer features and a smaller capacity. If you’re looking for a basic model with a simple design, these may be a great option. Mid-range models tend to come with more features and a larger capacity, making them ideal for larger families. Premium models come with even more features and a larger capacity, making them perfect for large groups.

It’s important to keep in mind that air fryers can be a large investment. If you’re looking for a quality model that will last you for years, make sure to invest in one of the higher-end models. However, if you don’t need all the features of a premium model, you can save money by opting for a cheaper model.


What Is The Least Toxic Air Fryer?

The majority of top-tier air fryers are considered non-toxic due to the use of non-toxic BPA-free plastic in their exterior construction. The basket coating is also non-toxic, with ceramic or stainless steel coatings being used in lieu of Teflon.

To ensure that an air fryer is non-toxic, it's important to check whether the basket is constructed with stainless steel or has a ceramic coating. Additionally, one should ensure that any plastic parts used in the construction of the air fryer are BPA-free.

What Food You Cannot Cook In Stainless Steel Air Fryer?

Cooking certain types of food may not be suitable for a stainless steel air fryer. Wet batter-coated or unsealed cheese-dripping foods are not suitable for cooking in an air fryer. Similarly, lightweight foods such as leafy greens may blow around inside the unit, causing uneven cooking. Furthermore, raw grains such as rice or pasta should not be air-fried unless the air fryer has a slow cooking function. It is important to keep these limitations in mind to avoid damaging your air fryer or producing subpar results.

How Do I Prevent Acrylamide In My Air Fryer?

Acrylamide is a chemical compound that is naturally formed in foods when they are cooked at high temperatures, such as during frying, roasting, or baking. This compound has been linked to an increased risk of cancer in animal studies, so it's important to minimize its formation when cooking.

To prevent acrylamide formation in your air fryer, there are a few things you can do:

1. Soak starchy foods like potatoes or sweet potatoes in water for at least 30 minutes before cooking. This helps remove some of the starch that can contribute to acrylamide formation.

2. Cut food into smaller pieces to reduce cooking time and temperature. This can help minimize the amount of acrylamide that forms.

3. Use lower cooking temperatures and shorter cooking times. Try to cook your food at 350°F or below and reduce cooking time to prevent the formation of acrylamide.

4. Use oils with a high smoke point, such as avocado oil, instead of lower smoke point oils like olive oil. This can help prevent the oil from breaking down and forming acrylamide.

5. Avoid overcooking your food. Keep an eye on your food while it's cooking and remove it from the air fryer as soon as it's done.

By following these tips, you can minimize the formation of acrylamide in your air fryer and make healthier meals.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to air fryers, stainless steel is the way to go for a longer lasting and healthier appliance. The benefits of stainless steel air fryers include their non-toxic properties and their ability to reduce acrylamide formation when cooking.

There are many different models available on the market from trusted brands like Geek Chef, NUWAVE, and more. You can find the perfect model for your kitchen and lifestyle by researching features and price points before making a purchase.

Ultimately, with the best stainless steel air fryer, you can enjoy all the deliciousness of fried food without the excess oil and fat associated with traditional frying methods.

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