Caraway Cookware Set Review – Is This Product Perfect For You?

Caraway Cookware Set Review

Are you looking for a new cookware set that is sure to grab plenty of attention? With its bright and bold design, the Caraway Cookware Set is taking the cooking world by storm. This set boasts a striking modern design that is sure to be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

However, the Caraway Cookware Set promises to be much more than just a pretty face. Each piece is made of premium materials without the use of toxic chemicals or other harmful elements. So, let’s go through this Caraway Cookware reviews, and find out if it’s the perfect cookware set for you…

Company Overview

Caraway was founded by Jordan Nathan, and the company’s main driving force is to create a cookware set that is fully non-toxic. As a result, each and every piece in the Caraway Cookware set is free from Teflon. This means that this set can be used with confidence.

Caraway is committed to creating cookware that forms a balance between high quality, style, and functionality, and the set is available in a number of cool colors to help transform the traditional cooking experience.

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Cookware Set Review

At first glance, this cookware set from Caraway really stands out from the crowd. This set is available in five different colors to brighten up your kitchen. You can choose from sage green, navy blue, gray, cream, and perracotta, which is a unique blend of pink and terracotta.

What’s Included In The Set?

The Caraway Cookware Set features four large pots and pans, each of which has a matching style. There is a 10.5-inch frying pan, a 6.5-quart Dutch oven, a three-quart saucepan, and a 4.5 quart sauté pan. There are also three accompanying lids that are created to form a tight seal on the pots and pans.

The Design

This set has been designed by Box Clever, which is known for its beautiful and innovative creations. Each piece in the set boasts rolled pan pouring edges to prevent food from sticking during transfer. And each lid features a flat interlocking design that looks especially sleek when set on top of the accompanying pot.

Each of the lids features a slim design and is set with a flat handle. The ergonomic handles are also set with finger rests, making them especially easy to hold. Although the lids are not transparent, they are set with steam vents that alert you to the cooking stage.

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The Materials

You are sure to appreciate the fact that this cookware set is free from toxic chemicals such as PTFE. This potentially harmful element is commonly known as TEFLON and is used in numerous cookware sets. Instead, the entire set is made of ceramic, which is naturally non-stick and therefore doesn’t need an additional coating.

Turning Up The Heat

Each piece in this set is oven safe up to 650ºF. You are sure to find that this is more than sufficient for creating a wide range of delicious dishes. This set is also compatible with a wide range of different types of stovetops.

Neat And Tidy

If you have a compact kitchen, you are sure to appreciate the storage options that come with this set. There is a special canvas lid storage sleeve that comes complete with hooks to hang up on the wall. All of the lids fit snugly into this sleeve so that they don’t clutter up your kitchen counter or cabinets.

You are also provided with a special pan rack to store your pots and pans in. This pan rack is magnetic, which helps to hold the pots and pans firmly in place. As an added bonus, the minimalistic design of this rack is compact enough to rest on your countertop.

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The non-stick interiors of the pots and pans ensure that you use minimal oil when cooking. This also means that the pieces are very easy to clean. Although they should not be placed in the dishwasher, hand washing is sure to be virtually effortless.

Pros and Cons


  • Set with a durable ceramic coating
  • Available in five cool colors
  • Includes a canvas lid storage sleeve
  • Oven safe up to 650ºF
  • Features magnetic pan racks
  • Does not include toxic chemicals
  • Very easy to use and clean


  • The handles may get rather hot 
  • Not dishwasher safe

Price, Shipping, Warranty

Caraway offers free domestic ground shipping to any destination in the continental US. This cookware set typically takes between two and four business days to arrive via ground shipping. It is also possible to pay a small fee for expedited shipping, while an additional fee is charged for Alaska and Hawaii.

The Caraway Cookware Set is covered by a limited one year warranty. This means that if your cookware set is faulty when you receive it, you can have it replaced free of charge. It is important to supply a valid proof of purchase when sending your cookware set to be replaced.

Other Options

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If you are looking for a brand new cookware set, this product from Caraway is an excellent option. The pots and pans in this set are especially strong and sturdy and offer everything you need. They are also accompanied by tight fitting lids that have been fitted with ergonomic handles.

The smart ceramic build of this set is non-stick and also free from toxic chemicals. You are also sure to appreciate the special storage options that come complete with the set. The choice of five cool colors is the icing on the cake and helps to truly elevate this impressive cookware set.

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