Top 8 Best Ceramic Air Fryers 2024 Reviews

Best Ceramic Air Fryers Reviews

More and more people are looking for non-Teflon alternatives to PTFE-coated kitchen appliances, such as air fryers, because of concerns about the potential health risks posed by Teflon and related coatings.

When heated to high temperatures, Teflon releases toxic fumes. On the other hand, the ceramic coating is far safer than Teflon since it can withstand much higher temperatures.

Air fryers with a ceramic coating are also easily available. There is no risk of chemical leaching or air pollution from the use of these air fryers.

1. Ninja AF101 - Best Air Fryer For 2 People

Ninja Air Fryer-AF101 – Best Easy to Clean Air Fryer Under $100

The crisper plate and basket for the Ninja AF101 are ceramic coated. In addition to being safe to put in the dishwasher, the unit's ceramic coating makes cleanup a breeze.

The ceramic coating remains safe to use even when heated to very high temperatures; it releases no chemicals and does not produce any toxic materials. Thus, you can use the appliance with total peace of mind when cooking dinner.

You can quickly cook and crisp a broad variety of foods in this device thanks to the wide temperature range (105F to 400F) and convection heating. For best results, however, the device should be preheated for three minutes before the food is added to the basket.

You can fit around 3 pounds of French fries or 4 drumsticks on its 4-quart crisper plate and basket.

We tried cooking steaks in it, and they turned out juicy on the inside and slightly charred on the exterior, just the way we like them.

Preparing fries was fun, but frozen fries fry considerably faster and taste more like fast food than those made from freshly cut potatoes.

We have found that a single batch can easily feed a family of two or three. Yet, there are better options available, especially if you have a large family and need to prepare for many people at once.

As a whole, we appreciated how little electricity it required (only 1500 watts), as opposed to more powerful but more expensive air fryers.

The only real downside to this air fryer is the loud beeping it makes when the food is done. This annoying sound has no off switch. This bad boy will give you some difficulty at first if you're noise-sensitive.

Dimension: 8.5 x 12.1 x 11 inches

Capacity: 4 Quarts

Weight: 10.58 Pounds

Power: 1550 watts

Temperature range: 105°F to 400°F


  • Can be used for frying, roasting, reheating, and drying
  • An excellent, non-stick coating
  • Conveniently compact and won't take up much room
  • Time and temperature can be adjusted mid-process with little effort
  • Quick and easy cleanup


  • When you take out the basket, it doesn't pause automatically
  • No shake or flip reminder
  • After a few uses, it smells like plastic

2. Ninja FD401 Foodi - Best with Steam Function

Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Air Fryer

It's another Ninja product; however, this one has double the capacity of the AF101. The appliance has a pot, a crisper plate, and an air fryer basket in addition to its 12 preset functions.

The non-stick accessories of the appliance are ceramic coated and devoid of PFOA and PTFE, making the appliance fully safe for use.

Every cooking method, including steaming, broiling, slow cooking, searing and sautéing, air frying, and air crisping, can be done thanks to the temperature control.

In less than an hour, the ceramic coating on the cook & crisp basket's 5-quart capacity can perfectly cook a chicken that weighs 3 to 4 pounds, satisfying the appetites of the whole family.

The 8-quart pot is great for preparing yogurt and other fermented foods under pressure. Under pressure, the Tendercrisp Technology seals in the flavor and moisture of the food while simultaneously achieving a crispy texture.

The premium reversible stainless steel rack is a wonderful accessory. It enables you to cook large quantities of food or different recipes simultaneously in a single batch, giving you more freedom in the kitchen.

In terms of space, you can fit eleven to thirteen chicken wings at once. Keep in mind that you'll want to flip them over at the halfway point of the timer.

The only real issue with it is that it only has a 1760W power rating. When plugged into the same outlet as other heavy appliances, like refrigerators, it might cause the circuit to trip.

To avoid overloading the circuit, plug it into a dedicated circuit-breaker outlet. Don't plug anything else into that outlet either.

Dimension: 16.1 x 14.57 x 14.2 inches

Capacity: 8 Quarts

Weight: 26 Pounds

Power: 1760 watts

Temperature range: 80°F to 400°F


  • A multipurpose cooking appliance
  • Very user-friendly and straightforward settings
  • Overcooking is prevented via an automatic shut-off
  • Large enough for a family of 4


  • Seal spits out steam sometimes
  • Big, bulky, and heavy

3. Ninja AF161 - Best Air Fryer with Dehydrator

Ninja AF161

The ceramic-coated basket of the Ninja AF161 air fryer is half a quart larger than the basket of the Ninja FD401 air fryer. It can reach a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and uses Max Crisp Technology to rapidly distribute that heat.

The built-in cooking settings can be accessed with a single touch, saving you time and reducing the risk of entering the wrong temperature or cooking time.

The best thing is that you won't have to clean any pots, pans, or utensils after cooking. It just has one ceramic-coated basket that can be easily wiped out.

By lining the bottom of the air fryer basket with aluminum foil or parchment paper, you can further reduce the greasy mess.

This large basket is ideal for serving large families or hosting parties, since it can hold up to four pounds of chicken and three pounds of fries or vegetables. Tater tots were cooked in the appliance, and they turned out perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We decided to test the air fryer's capacity to reheat food. Reheated chicken wings cooked in a Ninja AF161 air fryer retain their delightfully crisp exterior and flavorful, fresh-like interior, just as they do when cooked in any other Ninja air fryer.

If you already own this air fryer, you won't need to get a separate steamer because the roasting feature can replace the steaming one. Your money will be well spent on this machine.

The fact that it can also be used to dehydrate food is a major bonus. Nevertheless, you can only dehydrate a little apple due to the size of the air fryer basket. Although this is an annoyance, it cannot be considered a serious flaw in this air fryer.

Overall, its high-gloss finish, simple design, and excellent performance make it an appealing addition to any kitchen.

Dimension: 14 x 11 x 14.75 inches

Capacity: 5.5 Quarts

Weight: 11 Pounds

Power: 1750 watts

Temperature range: Up to 450°F


  • 7-in-1 multi-purpose kitchen appliance
  • Non-stick coating of the highest quality
  • Temperature range of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic pause function when the basket is removed
  • Reusable and dishwasher-safe wicker holder


  • There aren't any presets for different foods
  • Expensive compared to the competition; might have been better with a square basket shape

4. Aria Retro Style - Best Low Wattage Air Fryer

Aria Retro Style - Best Low Wattage Air Fryer

Aria Premium is your pal if you've been looking for a low-cost, small, and power-efficient air fryer. Less than $50, even with a premium ceramic-coated air fryer basket.

Isn't that incredible?

Whether you're living alone or in a small apartment, this is the best air fryer for you because the ceramic nonstick basket can accommodate enough food for two people. Once you get started cooking, you'll quickly realize it's a practical choice for quick food preparation.

Ceramic is a superb heat conductor and has great nonstick characteristics, so it heats up rapidly and doesn't make food stick.

To maintain the quality of the ceramic coating, we advise cleaning the item by hand with a gentle sponge.

We particularly enjoyed how the time could be set with ease thanks to the classic dial's white background and clear calibration.

Except for the fact that it only has one temperature setting (400 degrees Fahrenheit), you can cook anything that doesn't require a higher temperature than that.

On the plus side, you won't have to mess around with a plethora of clever dials and food settings.

This is the best ceramic air fryer for seniors and first-time users because of how easy it is to set the temperature and other controls.

Dimension: 9 x 9 x 11.75 inches

Capacity: 2 Quarts

Weight: 9 Pounds

Power: 800 watts

Temperature range: Up to 400°F


  • Very affordable
  • Energy-efficient air fryer
  • Has a compact design that frees up valuable counter space
  • Very simple to clean


  • Air fryer with only one heat setting
  • No presets for different food

5. Ecozy WiFi - Best Smart Air Fryer

Ecozy WiFi - Best Smart Air Fryer

As with the Ninja FD401 Foodi, the best smart air fryer comes with 12 preprogrammed settings for frying various foods.

The intuitive touchscreen control panel makes it simple to set cooking times and temperatures for different recipes. Presets, on the other hand, can be used to save time and effort.

The ceramic coating on the basket and the detachable tray meet UL and FDA standards. They give the basket a lovely glossy, non-stick appearance and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

In order to prevent food splatters from reaching and soiling the heating element, a splatter guard is installed over the element. One of the reasons your air fryer is smoking is a dirty heating element.

A whole chicken weighing between 4.5 and 5 pounds can be cooked in the 6-quart large air fryer basket in about 55 minutes, and 10 to 13 wings can be cooked in about 23 minutes. As an added bonus, you can fit a lot of fries and vegetables in that basket—way more than three pounds' worth.

It can be controlled via WiFi and an accompanying app, unlike the previous AF60. You can make adjustments to the cook time and temperature from the convenience of your smartphone. The app comes with more than a hundred different recipes that are waiting for you to use.

The transparent air fryer basket makes this model stand out from its rivals. Unlike other bucket-style air fryers, you can see your food cook right in the bucket.

Dimension: 14.02 x 11.89 x 12.91 inches

Capacity: 6 Quarts

Weight: 11.7Pounds

Power: 1350 watts

Temperature range: 100°F to 390°F


  • Digital touch display that is simple to use
  • With your phone, you can give commands
  • Moreover, Alexa voice activation is included
  • Trays and baskets that are not sticky
  • Transparent monitoring window


  • A little louder while working
  • Needs a lot of counter space

6. Aria CFA-897 - Best Without Teflon Air Fryer

Aria CFA-897 - Best Without Teflon Air Fryer

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to use air fryers, and the Aria brand is gaining popularity. The air fryer has a modern design and a clean, sleek exterior; it also doesn't give off a plasticky odor, even when heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Teflon-free air fryer from Aria is larger than the Aria Premium, making it a suitable option for a family of 5.

In order to provide an additional level of protection, both the ceramic basket and the crisping rack have received FDA approval, are non-toxic, and do not include PTFE, PFOA, lead, or BPA.

Because the food doesn't stick to the nonstick coating, the air fryer basket is easy to clean after use. Air fryer accessories, as well as the air fryer itself, should be washed by hand after each use.

If you let the basket get greasy for a long time, the oil will solidify, and if you scrub too vigorously, you may scratch the coating.

A front-facing, responsive display makes it easy to avoid accidentally changing the time or temperature.

The air fryer's instant preheat function allows it to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds, allowing for more efficient cooking in less time. Yet even at temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no unpleasant plastic smell coming from the machine.

Everything that we prepared by following the instructions in the accompanying cookbook, including the chicken and the sausages, turned out delicious.

The chicken skin had a satisfyingly crispy texture, and unlike when cooked in a skillet, the wings turned out remarkably oil-free.

We put its grilling abilities to the test by making grilled cheese and chicken. The char marks on the surface of both looked delicious.

The non-removability of both the basket and drip pan is the only minor flaw. In other words, if you simply put the finished meal onto a plate, all the oil and fat will come with it. After the food is ready, remove it from the pan using tongs or a spatula.

Dimension: 16 x 14 x 14 inches

Capacity: 3.2 Quarts

Weight: 12.05 Pounds

Power: 1300 watts

Temperature range: 100°F – 350°F


  • Control panel with digital display
  • Toxic-free materials
  • A quiet air fryer
  • The process of cleaning is simple


  • It's not easy to remove the basket
  • You'll need to get past the first smell of plastic at the start

7. Oster Dura - Best Easy To Clean Air Fryer

Oster Dura - Best Easy To Clean Air Fryer

The Oster air fryer is unique since it is shaped like a basketball on a stand.

So, it is a great option for people who place value on aesthetics or who want the best air fryer for a dorm room.

It lacks the drawer seen on other basket-style air fryers. To reach the bowl, you just open the unit. The inner basket of the item is latched to a cool-touch handle. You can use it to remove the heated basket.

This air fryer also tilts and rotates to provide more even frying.

Because of the unit's see-through lid, you can monitor the food's progress without opening it.

The appliance has a small enough profile to fit neatly on most kitchen surfaces and even under some cupboards. So, storing it in the cabinet is unnecessary.

In addition to air frying, the product can also be used to sauté, grill, and roast. After the meal is done cooking, the air fryer will turn off automatically.

As there is only one inner bowl to clean, cleaning is minimal. Because of the ceramic coating, even burned-on food and other debris can be readily removed.

The product's somewhat cumbersome size is its only real drawback. The extra weight is understandable given the creativity of its design, but it still isn't something you can lift and move very often.

Dimension: 16.7 x 14 x 13.3 inches

Capacity: 7 Quarts

Weight: 12  Pounds

Power: 1800 watts

Temperature range: 180°F – 400°F


  • Design that is both original and appealing
  • Protection against overcooking is ensured by an automatic shutoff
  • The absence of PTFE and PFOA in the coating 
  • Display with an illuminated screen


  • There are no preset options
  • Very bulky and heavy

8. Aria Premium - Best Air Fryer for Family of 6

Aria Premium - Best Air Fryer for Family of 6

Your conventional oven, microwave, deep fryer, and toaster can all be replaced by this one handy appliance. There is no PFOA, Teflon, or BPA in the unit's basket or crisper plate.

The ceramic coating is eco-friendly and has good heat conduction. Like Teflon, it won't flake off or give off any toxic fumes when heated.

It's large enough to feed a large family, has a wide range of uses, and is incredibly practical, thanks to its 7-quart capacity and eight different cooking programs.

In addition, because of its square form, the basket is capable of holding a greater quantity of food than its counterparts that are designed in a round shape.

One at a time, the basket can hold a chicken weighing between four and five pounds, a cake weighing four pounds, four pounds of vegetables, two to three medium-sized steaks, or two salmon filets.

A two-tier rack and four skewers are included so that you can cook a number of different foods at once. With the improved heat flow of the powerful Ariaflow technology, you can also cook a lot of your favorite foods.

The teflon-free Aria air fryer makes quick work of reheating French fries and chicken wings. There will be no more limp leftovers, tasteless French fries, or lifeless chicken wings. The superheated air evaporates excess moisture, crisps up leftover food, and allows you to eat it whenever you choose.

The only minor downside is that the appliance cannot be turned off early if the food is done cooking. It cannot be turned on by pressing the on/off switch, and the plug must be removed from the wall outlet. Hence, be mindful of the cooking time you select.

Dimension: 11.25 x 11.25 x 14.5 inches

Capacity: 4 Quarts

Weight: 10.58 Pounds

Power: 1550 watts

Temperature range: 105°F to 400°F


  • The construction is devoid of PTFE, PFOA, and BPA
  • Touch-screen display that is bright and responsive
  • Sensors that turn off automatically for added security
  • Ideal for a large family


  • There is no shake or flip reminder
  • The basket handle is weak

the Best Ceramic Air Fryer Buying Guide

You must pick the best air fryer with a ceramic basket if you don't want to select a cooking appliance that might be harmful to your health. This comprehensive shopping guide will assist you in choosing the best air fryer from among a wide variety of high-performing models.

Special features

Consider the unique qualities that will enhance your life. Get an air fryer with an automatic shutoff if you are too busy to monitor the cooking process. When the air fryer door is open or if the food isn't moving, the unit will shut off automatically.


Be sure the ceramic air fryer basket you purchase has been authorized by both the UL and the FDA. Manufacturers that have earned UL's seal of approval on their products can be confident that they have met all relevant safety standards. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of making sure people don't become sick from using food or medicine. When something gets FDA approval, it is considered safe for general use.

Ease of Cleaning

Because of the non-stick coating, cleaning a ceramic air fryer is a breeze. If you want to use a dishwasher with your air fryer, you need to check the instructions first. If you don't have time to wash your air fryer basket by hand, a dishwasher-safe basket is a great option. But let's say the instructions warn against washing the dishwasher's basket. If you want to keep the coating in good condition, hand cleaning is the way to go.


Aesthetics Aesthetics are important for those who want their kitchen equipment to match their décor. If you're that kind of buyer, choose a unit that won't seem out of place in your modern kitchen.

Power Usage

The air fryer's energy usage should be taken into account. The amount of electricity required to run an air fryer is directly related to the length of time it is used. The heating element's efficiency improves as its power level rises. More power for an air fryer equals faster cooking and less energy used per serving.


Investing in a larger ceramic-coated basket for your air fryer is always the best option if you have a large family who likes to cook in bulk and host regular dinner parties. As a result, you can lower the total amount of time spent cooking while also cooking more food per batch.

Brand Warranty

Look for a manufacturer that stands behind their products by providing a limited warranty of at least 1 year. A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that they will fix or replace your product if it fails to operate as promised.

Benefits of Using a Ceramic Air Fryer Basket

A ceramic air fryer basket can withstand temperatures far beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but a Teflon-coated basket would begin to degrade at that temperature and higher. The maximum temperature the ceramic coating can take is 2,100 degrees Celsius (3,800 degrees Fahrenheit).

The basket of a ceramic air fryer is very simple to clean. Its nonstick quality prevents grease from sticking to the surface. The basket can be cleaned quickly and simply by hand with dish soap and warm water.

Ceramic coating is devoid of PTFE, calcium substances, and BPA. You should not worry about any harmful chemicals being released from the coating or leaching into your food when the temperature rises. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about using a ceramic basket.

If you take good care of your ceramic basket air fryer, it can last for decades. Also, you should never put any kind of metal item in the air fryer because doing so may cause the coating to get damaged.


Is there a ceramic air fryer?

There are a number of options for exceptional ceramic air fryers. Nevertheless, you should know that just because it's called a "ceramic air fryer" doesn't indicate that the entire appliance is made of ceramic. To clarify, this solely applies to the coating on your air fryer's basket.

Is a ceramic air fryer basket dishwasher safe?

The basket of most modern ceramic air fryers can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Although the material is dishwasher safe, the coating of your air fryer basket will last much longer if you wash it by hand.

What is the difference between ceramic and stainless-steel baskets?

The ceramic basket of an air fryer is not actually made of ceramic; it is just coated with ceramic. This is the main difference between a ceramic basket and a stainless steel basket. The opposite is true for a stainless steel basket, which is entirely manufactured from stainless steel. The article Ceramic Air Fryer vs. Stainless Steel Air Fryer has further information.

Finishing Up!

People are choosing ceramic-coated air fryers more and more because they last a long time and are good for your health. The best ceramic air fryers are not easy to find, though. It's fantastic that you have access to premium brands like the Ninja Air fryer, but navigating through all of your options might be a bit of a headache. Using the above as a reference, you can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the best options and make an informed decision.

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