Top 5 Best Commercial Rice Cookers 2024 Reviews

Best Commercial Rice Cookers Reviews

Rice is a staple food consumed widely across the world and is a key ingredient in many cuisines. However, cooking rice to the desired consistency can be challenging since there are countless ways to prepare it.

In commercial settings, such as restaurants, a rice cooker needs to be durable and sturdy enough to handle larger quantities of rice consistently. To cater to this demand, we have compiled a list of the best commercial rice cookers available.

The Zojirushi NYC-36 is the first on our list, providing a good capacity, ease of use and maintenance suitable for commercial kitchens. Our other contenders also fulfill similar requirements, including specifications such as dimensions, volume, weight, and warranty, ensuring you can cook rice with the desired consistency every time.

In addition, we have highlighted important features to look for when purchasing a rice cooker for commercial use, such as a non-stick interior, temperature settings, and an automatic shut-off and keep-warm function. These features will ease your worries in a busy kitchen, giving you more time to focus on other tasks.

The Best Commercial Rice Cookers Reviews

1. Zojirushi NYC-36 - Editor's Choice

Zojirushi NYC-36 - Editor's Choice

The Zojirushi NYC-36 commercial rice cooker is an ideal option for catering or restaurant use, whether for formal or informal occasions that require serving a larger number of people.

This rice cooker can make a substantial amount of rice quickly and efficiently while ensuring high quality. With a capacity of 40 servings from 20 cups, it produces perfectly textured and flavored rice. Once cooked, the rice cooker automatically switches to the "keep warm" mode, maintaining the rice's consistency and freshness at the ideal temperature.

The stainless steel exterior of the cooker is both durable and stylish, while the non-stick interior makes cleaning effortless. Additionally, the interior has measuring lines to ensure consistent batch sizes, and the detachable inner lid is washable. The side-mounted condensation collector prevents steam from collecting and making the rice soggy or too soft.

The cooker also comes with an extra-large rice spatula to ensure no rice goes to waste. We consider it the best portable rice cooker due to its manageable size and dimensions.

However, some users have reported an issue with the longevity of the "keep warm" feature, which stops working after around 9 months of consistent use on average. Nevertheless, the 1-year limited warranty should cover such issues.

Dimensions: 17.3 x 15.25 x 13.5 in

Volume: 20 cups

Weight: 21.6 lb

Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: warm keeping function, detachable and washable inner lid, non-stick inner pot, side condensation


  • Generous rice capacity
  • Automatic shut-off feature for consistently cooked rice
  • Condensation collector to prevent sogginess


  • Potential issues with the longevity of the warming feature

2. Aroma ARC-1024E - Best Value

Aroma ARC-1024E - Best Value

The Aroma ARC-1024E rice cooker is a great option for those on a budget. Despite its low price, it has features and quality that match some higher-end cookers. With the ability to prepare up to 48 cups of rice, this budget-friendly device produces an impressive 60 cooked cups. It also has an automatic keep-warm feature to keep your rice fresh and ready to eat for longer.

The nonstick interior makes cleaning a breeze, while the durable aluminum body and stainless steel lid ensure longevity. Measuring cups and an extra-large spatula are included for commercial use.

Although many users express satisfaction with the Aroma ARC rice cooker, some note that the rice can be unevenly cooked and may vary slightly in dryness and temperature. Additionally, the bottom of the pot may slightly burn the rice, which could be visually unappealing in a commercial setting.

Overall, the Aroma ARC-1024E is a great purchase for small restaurants or catering businesses on a budget.

Dimensions: 14.8 x 17.8 x 24.5 in

Volume: 48 cups

Weight: 14.3 lb

Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: two rice measuring cups and paddle included, automatic warm keeping function, stainless steel lid, non-stick inner pot, BPA free


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Large cooking capacity


  • Rice may cook unevenly
  • Bottom of the pot may slightly burn the rice, which could be visually unappealing in a commercial setting

3. Panasonic SR-42HZP - Most Durable Design

Panasonic SR-42HZP - Most Durable Design

The Panasonic SR-42HZP commercial rice cooker stands out as the best electric rice cooker for large-capacity needs in a commercial setting. This NSF approved appliance is both sanitary and functional, making it a great choice for any food service operation.

This rice cooker has a 23-cup capacity for uncooked rice and produces an impressive 54 cups of perfectly cooked rice in just 30 minutes. The automatic keep warm function maintains the rice's texture and flavor for up to two hours, and both modes shut off automatically.

The stainless-steel lid and aluminum alloy pan liner speed up the cooking process and prevent rice from sticking when used properly. Additionally, a built-in thermal safety fuse ensures the rice cooker won't overheat, making it safe to use.

Compared to other models, the SR-42HZP is relatively affordable despite its large capacity.

However, the interior isn't nonstick, so users may want to consider using a liner or mixing the rice well and removing it after cooking. Some users have also reported issues with the warming function not working properly, but this could be a manufacturing defect that's covered by the warranty.

Dimensions: 11.8 x 16.8 x 14.8 in

Volume: 23 cups

Weight: 12.1 lb

Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: aluminum alloy pan, stainless steel lid, warming up feature, automatic shut-off


  • Large capacity with double cooked rice output
  • Thermal safety fuse for overheat prevention
  • Automatic keep warm function for up to two hours
  • Quick cooking Relatively affordable


  • No nonstick interior Issues with the warming function for some users

4. Tiger JNO-A36U-XB - Best Features

Tiger JNO-A36U-XB - Best Features

The Tiger JNO-A36U-XB rice cooker is a top-quality commercial option and one of the best choices on this list. Tiger is known for producing reliable and high-quality rice cookers, and this model is no exception.

This rice cooker has a decent capacity suitable for restaurant and commercial settings, with the ability to hold up to 20 cups (160 oz) of uncooked rice and produce 40 cups (320 oz) of perfectly cooked rice every time.

The JNO-A36U-XB is equipped with features that make it easy to use and maintain. It comes with a silicone cooking sheet to prevent burnt rice from developing at the bottom and a nonstick interior for easy cleaning. The inner lid is also washable. Additionally, an automatic warming feature keeps your cooked rice fresh and warm for hours.

The exterior of this industrial rice cooker is made primarily of durable stainless steel, providing both durability and a sleek appearance.

This rice cooker comes with a 6-ounce measuring cup and spatula included, so you don't need to purchase them separately.

While the Tiger JNO-A36U-XB rice cooker is of excellent quality, there is a possibility of shipping-related defects, such as dents, depending on where you purchase it from.

Dimensions: 14.2 x 16.8 x 15.1 in

Volume: 20 cups

Weight: 22.2 lb

Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: non-stick inner pan, spatula and measuring cup included, silicon cooking sheet, automatic warming up function, washable lid


  • Good capacity for commercial settings
  • Consistently produces perfect rice based on measurements
  • Easy to clean with a nonstick interior and washable lid
  • Automatic warming feature Comes with a measuring cup and spatula


  • Possible shipping-related defects

5. Paloma PR-10DSS - Best Gas Rice Cooker

Paloma PR-10DSS

The Paloma PR-10DSS rice cooker is a gas-powered cooker that stands out as one of the best gas rice cookers on this list. It's a great option for larger restaurants that require fast and efficient rice cooking.

This rice cooker has an impressive capacity of 55 cups (440 oz), making it ideal for situations where large quantities of rice are needed at once. With an auto-ignition feature, starting and cooking are effortless, and the operation is safe thanks to the built-in safety features.

If the pan is removed or misaligned, a safety device prevents the main burner from staying lit. Additionally, if the main burner fails to ignite, a flame failure safety device closes safety valves with magnets to prevent gas from passing to the burners.

The Paloma PR-10DSS is easy to clean with removable parts, and an automatic shut-off feature. The cooker has a sensitive ferrite sensor system that controls the gas heat, quickly responds to reach the optimal temperature, and automatically shuts off to ensure consistent and perfect rice.

However, since this is a gas cooker, it does not have a warming function. To keep the rice fresh, it needs to be removed as soon as possible because gas cookers heat up and cool down faster than electric cookers.

Dimensions: 22.5 x 18.5 x 17.6 in

Volume: 55 cups

Weight: 31.3 lb

Warranty: not specified

More features: automatic ignition, automatic gas turning off, safety valve built-in, gas heat controlling thermostat


  • Fast and efficient cooking Large rice capacity
  • Built-in safety features
  • Consistent cooking


  • No warming function due to being a gas stove

Things to Consider

Having a rice cooker in your kitchen can be a game-changer. Instead of monitoring your rice on the stove, a rice cooker can prepare and keep your rice warm for you, freeing up time for other tasks in the kitchen. A commercial rice cooker elevates the standard cooker to restaurant-quality.

What should I expect from a commercial rice cooker?

When looking for a high-quality commercial rice cooker, durability and longevity are important factors to consider, as it will need to handle long working hours and large rice loads.

A large capacity pot is also essential, and electric cookers are often the best choice for commercial settings, as they can handle high heat levels and ensure even cooking, with less risk of uneven or burnt rice. Automatic features also allow for multitasking while the rice is cooking.

Commercial rice cookers should be able to produce restaurant-quality rice, whether you prefer light and fluffy or denser and textured rice. While the cooking technique used can affect the final outcome, a good rice cooker ensures that rice is consistently cooked on time.

How to use a rice cooker in a restaurant

best Commercial rice cooker How to use a rice cooker in a restaurant

The main advantage of using a rice cooker is that it simplifies the process of cooking rice. Instead of monitoring the rice on the stove, you can rely on the cooker to monitor, cook, and keep the rice warm while you attend to other tasks in the kitchen. This level of convenience is particularly important in restaurants, which is why commercial rice cookers are essential. All you need to do is add rice and water, and the cooker will handle the rest.

Price range

The price range for a commercial rice cooker typically starts at around $100. Most commercial rice cookers can be found within the range of $100 to $200.

However, there are some rice cookers that can cost over $200. These types of cookers heavily rely on automated controls. While it's possible to find automatic features on a $100 cooker, it's unlikely that it will be fully automated.

Features to consider while buying the best commercial rice cooker

When it comes to choosing a commercial rice cooker, the task may seem daunting, as you need to consider heavier-duty appliances that can handle bigger jobs and longer hours of work compared to regular rice cookers.

Brand choice

Brand choice is important and can help you make a better decision. To start, it’s useful to look at brands that are well-known and trusted for making quality rice cookers. Here are some examples:

  • Hamilton Beach
  • Zojirushi
  • Aroma
  • Instant Pot

There are many other brands to choose from, and one effective way to determine whether a brand is worth investing in is to research and read customer and professional reviews.


Commercial rice cookers are designed to accommodate larger volumes than standard models, with capacities typically starting at 20 cups and going up to 55 cups or more. For instance, both the Tiger JNO-A36U-XB and the Zojirushi NYC-36 can hold up to 20 cups of rice, while the Aroma ARC-1024E and Paloma PR-10DSS are capable of handling larger volumes of 48 and 55 cups, respectively.

However, it's important to note that measuring cups used for rice are not the same as standard measuring cups. It's recommended to use rice cookers that come with their own measuring cups or those that have measurements printed inside the rice bowl. Using any other measuring cup may result in inaccurate portions.


best Commercial rice cooker material

When considering cookers, you will typically encounter two main materials. Stainless steel models are durable and have superior thermal regulation. Other options include aluminum, copper, ceramic, diamond powder coating, and pure carbon. Each material has varying levels of heat conductivity and can affect the taste of the rice.

On the other hand, plastic microwavable models are not as sturdy and long-lasting as stainless steel options. However, regardless of the material used, it's essential to have a nonstick coating over the rice bowl. This feature not only makes cleaning easier but also prevents the rice from sticking to the bowl.

Electric or gas


When it comes to gas cookers, the key selling point is their ability to create an authentic taste in the rice, particularly for sushi. Gas cookers cook much faster because their source of heat is direct fire. However, there is a great deal of maintenance required when using a gas stovetop, as the pipes and burners need to be cleaned consistently to avoid blockages. If you are considering investing in a gas cooker, the Paloma PR-10DSS is an excellent option.


Electric cookers are easy to use and heat the entire inner pot. They are an environmentally friendly choice that generates less heat and is easier to manage, with less chance of burning the rice in comparison to a gas cooker. Electric cookers can control heat better, making them more suitable for businesses. They are also portable and can be taken on the go.


Best Commercial Rice Cookers settings

For many people, a multi-purpose cooker is a priority to save space or for convenience. The most common combination is having a steamer and a slow-cooker compressed into one unit. There are also automated or one-push operations that make the cooker easier to use. Digital controls offer a greater variety of settings and a wider selection of cooking styles and heats, which naturally increases the price of the cooker.

Warming option

One of the best advantages of owning a rice cooker is that it does not require constant attention. The cooker already has a set timer to cook your rice. If you aren’t going to eat the rice right away, or you are still preparing the rest of your meal, the rice cooker will keep your rice warm. It won’t overcook the rice, but keep it at the right temperature until you’re ready to take it out. Some models will automatically turn on the keep-warm setting, while others require manual activation.


Although a rice cooker is not the most expensive appliance, it is still a kitchen appliance, and you don’t want it to malfunction within the first few months of use. Always purchase kitchen appliances with a guarantee to ensure that your purchase is backed by the producer's guarantee that it works, providing repairs, refunds, or returns if needed.

How to maintain a commercial rice cooker

To maintain your rice cooker's longevity and ensure safe usage, it's important to keep it in its best condition at all times.

When washing or storing the cooker, always remember to unplug it from the outlet and allow it to cool down before touching it to avoid any burns.

To clean the cooker effectively, use lukewarm water and a dishwasher, but avoid detergents as they can cause discoloration. Also, refrain from using harsh abrasives that can remove the non-stick coating.

Before using the cooker again, make sure that the pot is completely dry to prevent steam from bubbling off the sides of the cooker and damaging the non-stick coating.

Finally, clean the heating plate and the outer side of the pot with a damp cloth, taking care not to get any detergent on the hot plate as it can cause issues with food particles.


Here are some frequently asked questions about rice cookers:

Can a regular rice cooker be used in a restaurant?

It is not recommended to use a regular rice cooker in a restaurant, as it may not be able to handle heavier loads of rice all at once. Furthermore, since it will be used constantly throughout the day, it's better to opt for a rice cooker that can handle longer shifts and bigger loads, such as a commercial rice cooker.

Can sticky rice be cooked in a commercial rice cooker?

Yes, it is possible to cook sticky rice in a rice cooker. In fact, a rice cooker can make cooking sticky rice faster and easier. It only requires water and salt in the process, and you can adjust the texture by letting it sit longer for a stickier consistency or less for a heavier texture.

Can jasmine rice be cooked in a restaurant rice cooker?

Jasmine rice can also be made in a rice cooker. Simply add the rice and water at a 1:1 cup ratio, and set the cooker to its automated white rice option. After the cooker is done, let the rice sit for 10-20 minutes inside the cooker, then fluff it gently with a spoon. Your jasmine rice is now ready to be served.

Our Verdict

The Zojirushi NYC-36 is the top-rated commercial rice cooker due to its well-rounded features, reliability, ease of use, and portability. It is stylish yet functional, and it comes with all the necessary features to maintain and use it with ease.

If you're on a budget, the Aroma ARC-1024E is the best option for commercial rice cookers. It is a simple and user-friendly device that is suitable for small restaurant businesses and caterers. It is affordable, efficient, and hassle-free to use in the kitchen.

For heavy-duty needs, the Panasonic SR-42HZP is the go-to commercial rice cooker. It is large enough to handle the demands of larger restaurants and is quick, reliable, and safe for use in your restaurant kitchen.

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