Top 6 Best Teas For Hangover 

Best Teas For Hangover 

Hangovers are no fun, and they can put you in the worst possible mood. If you’ve ever woken up with one, or even if you just have them all the time, it’s likely you’ve tried many different ways to try and alleviate your symptoms and eventually get rid of them altogether.

There are some teas that have been scientifically proven to help cure hangovers and lessen their severity, and we can tell you what they are right here in this guide on the top 6 best teas for hangover.

The Best Teas For Hangover

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

When it comes to tea for a hangover, ginger tea is often recommended because it has a variety of benefits. It can calm nausea and help with vomiting, and it may even lessen the symptoms of an upset stomach. It also contains antioxidants that can help fight inflammation in your body and improve circulation.

The best part is that ginger tea doesn't contain caffeine, which often causes dehydration. It does contain sugar though, so if you are trying to avoid sugar as much as possible then this might not be the best choice for you. However, this tea will likely be more effective than other options because of its effectiveness in helping control nausea and stomach discomfort.

2. peppermint tea

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is a great tea for when you're feeling under the weather and has been shown to be an effective treatment for nausea, headaches and other hangover symptoms. It's also a helpful digestive aid when you're experiencing stomach pain or heartburn.

There are various ways of using peppermint tea: steeped as hot water, mixed with honey and lemon (to make it more palatable), in ice-tea form, as dried leaves in a sachet bag; they all have their benefits. To reap the most benefit from peppermint tea in your fight against those nasty hangovers try adding mint extract too – research shows that this addition can help provide some relief from migraines.

3. lemon tea

Lemon Tea

The main ingredient in this tea is lemon, which is known for its cleansing properties and can help to flush out the toxins from your system. Lemon tea also offers many other health benefits such as being a powerful antioxidant and helping with weight loss.

Moreover, Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which helps our bodies synthesize proteins that are essential in repairing damaged cells and tissue caused by alcohol.

Drinking lemon tea will help restore energy levels, hydration levels and improve concentration after drinking alcohol. It will also reduce inflammation caused by a hangover due to its high antioxidant properties. And lastly, it will increase mental clarity and sharpen mental focus because of its stimulating effects. 

when making lemon tea, make sure you are adding enough water or milk so that it doesn’t taste too acidic and burn your throat. You should not drink coffee while drinking lemon tea because coffee will cancel out the effects of the tea.

4. turmeric tea

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the body. It also has antioxidants which help to fight free radicals that are released by alcohol.

Drinking turmeric tea can also make you feel more hydrated as it contains high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Turmeric's natural soothing properties may also alleviate some symptoms associated with your hangover.

You'll have to drink at least four cups of this stuff, but if you're not looking for something with a taste, then go for it!

5. green tea

Green Tea

The use of green tea for hangover is based on the belief that it helps to restore some of the electrolytes that are lost during alcohol consumption. Green tea may also have a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels, which can help counteract a hangover.

Pour boiling water over green tea bag and steep for 4-5 minutes before drinking. Add honey or lemon if desired. The long period of time that the beverage takes to go through the digestive tract can prevent dehydration caused by vomiting or diarrhea associated with hangovers.

6. chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea for hangover

The benefits of chamomile tea for hangover include its ability to soothe the stomach and ease nausea. Additionally, it can reduce inflammation in the body and has antioxidant properties.

Chamomile tea is also a natural diuretic which is helpful for those with hangovers due to excess water intake from drinking too much alcohol. In addition, chamomile tea may improve mood and relieve anxiety.

One downside to this type of tea is that some people are allergic or have an adverse reaction to ragweed, which is found in chamomile plants. If you suffer from hay fever or seasonal allergies you may want to avoid drinking this type of tea on a regular basis.

What to avoid with a hangover?

It is important to avoid drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine. Caffeine will dehydrate you and increase your blood pressure which can also contribute to a hangover. Sugary drinks like soda, juice or candy should be avoided because they make it hard for the body to metabolize alcohol. Avoiding these drinks will help decrease the severity of your hangover symptoms.  

Drink a lots of water! As well as decreasing your risk for a hangover try drinking lots of fluids before bedtime so that your liver has plenty of time to process any residual acetaldehyde from earlier in the night during sleep. A glass or two of water before bedtime could go a long way towards preventing morning-after nausea and headaches!

Best Hangover Teas You Can Try

The best tea for hangovers is ginger tea. The best time to drink this types of tea is during your pre-hangover routine as soon as you notice symptoms of a hangover coming on. 

However, if you already feel hangover, then drinking any of the teas on our list can help you recover faster and relieve your nausea and headache. Try boiling water, adding tea bags or loose leaf herbs like ginger, chamomile or rooibos. Remember to steep the tea at least 5 minutes before drinking it!

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