Top 5 Best Frozen Burgers 2024 Reviews

Best Frozen Burgers

Everyone loves a good burger. But, making a tasty one from scratch requires more planning than you would think. Frozen hamburger patties are a quick and easy alternative.

Eating frozen food doesn’t have to be a punishment. The best frozen burgers are made of high-quality ingredients and offer unbeatable convenience. Consequently, you may find that you prefer them over fresh ones.

Not all frozen burgers are created equal…

For example, they come in a variety of sizes and flavors. So, let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most popular patties currently available. Hopefully, you will find something that becomes a household staple.

The Best Frozen Burgers Reviews

1. Beyond Meat Burgers – Plant-Based Meat Alternative – Best Meat Alternative Frozen Burgers

Beyond Meat Burgers – Plant-Based Meat Alternative – Best Meat Alternative Frozen Burgers

Beyond Meat Burgers are far from average. For instance, they are made with a plant-based meat alternative that replicates beef in both taste and texture.

What’s the real story?

Many people believe eating meat is unsustainable and unethical. Animals are notoriously abused in the food industry. However, a lot of vegetarian burgers don’t taste anything like the real thing.

Better than the real thing…

The plant protein used in these patties contains the same building blocks as meat. For example, a pressurized heating and cooling process creates a fibrous texture. Fats, minerals, natural flavors, and carbohydrates are also added to the mix.

The protein replicates the appearance, juiciness, and flavor of beef. It even smells like it.

A healthy alternative…

These vegan burgers are made with expert innovation and non-GMO ingredients. As a result, you get the meaty experience you are used to without any moral compromise. They even have marbling that melts and tenderizes the burger as you cook.

The frozen burgers can be prepared on the grill or in a skillet. And, they have a pink interior that replicates real red meat. Beyond Meat Burgers have less saturated fat than traditional beef burgers.

It gets even better…

In addition, the pack of forty is both soy and gluten-free. One four-ounce patty has 260 calories and 20 grams of protein.


  • Bulk packaging.
  • Not a typical veggie burger.
  • Contains no cholesterol.


  • More expensive than real meat.
  • Highly processed.
  • Uses excessive packaging.

2. Omaha Steaks 12 – 4 oz. Omaha Steaks Burgers – Best Frozen Steakburgers

Omaha Steaks 12 – 4 oz. Omaha Steaks Burgers – Best Frozen Steakburgers

Do you love old-fashioned steakburgers? If so, these may be the patties you have been searching for. They are made of pure, premium beef that has been aged for 21 days.

Omaha Steaks is a family-owned business that specializes in gourmet food. Their meat is hand-selected for quality. However, it is their attention to detail that sets them apart from their competitors.

Here’s why…

These hamburgers contain no additives or preservatives. And, the meat is ground twice to ensure the best texture possible. The 80/20 lean-to-fat beef is packed with flavor and natural juices.

A cookout essential… 

Omaha Steaks Burgers go through a natural aging process that tenderizes the meat. After that, they are flash-frozen to preserve freshness. You are left with a premium product that will quickly become a cookout essential.

This package contains 12 four-ounce patties. One burger has 290 calories and 19 grams of protein. However, keep in mind that they are high in cholesterol.

Avoid the mess…

These burgers come individually vacuum-sealed. Therefore, they are some of the best frozen burgers if you hate handling raw meat. You can put them on the grill straight from the package.

The company has also taken your safety into consideration with their design. For instance, meat juices won’t leak all over the place and contaminate your freezer. Each order is also hand-packed with dry ice to help guarantee it won’t arrive spoiled.


  • No seasoning needed.
  • Very moist.
  • Thawing is not required.
  • Good customer service.


  • Patties are densely pressed.
  • Shipping is expensive.

3. 100% Grass Fed Beef Burgers – 1/2 lb Each – Package Of 8 – Best Grass-Fed Beef Burgers

100% Grass Fed Beef Burgers – 1.2 lb Each – Package Of 8 – Best Grass-Fed Beef Burgers

Mount Pleasant 100% Grass-Fed Beef Burgers are made from healthy, free-roaming cows. And, you can taste the difference. The beef is sourced from the company’s ranch in Texas.

Grass-fed beef is better for you than other varieties. For example, it is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It’s also high in linoleic acid.

Burger ingredients…

These half-pound burger patties can be part of a balanced diet. They’re some of the best tasting frozen burgers out there. Above all, they don’t contain any hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, grains, or soy.

It is not specified what the protein or calorie content of these patties is. However, they have a 90/10 lean-to-fat ratio. The package has eight boxes with eight burgers each.

The ultimate…

These are the ultimate American burgers. To clarify, the beef is as tasty as it is nutritious. It is flash-frozen immediately after production to lock in all the flavors.

The best part?

These burgers are sure to get you compliments at your next barbecue. Nobody will be able to tell they aren’t homemade. In addition, they can be a lifesaver when you find yourself looking for a hearty meal in a hurry. The patties are ready to cook straight out of the package.

Throw them on the grill while you prepare your toppings and dinner will be ready in a matter of minutes. Need a grill? Check out our reviews of the Best Natural Gas Grills, the Best Smoker Grill Combo, the Best 2 Burner Gas Grill, and the Best Charcoal Grills.

Mount Pleasant prides themselves on taking great care of their cattle. In the same vein, experts monitor the cleanliness during production. The burgers are backed with a 100% satisfaction


  • Large patties.
  • Meat is tender.
  • Leaner than other options.


  • Unknown calorie and protein content.
  • May thaw during shipping.

4. Venison Ground Bricks (4 Count / 1 Lb.) – Best Frozen Venison Burgers

Venison Ground Bricks (4 Count. 1 Lb.) – Best Frozen Venison Burgers

Most burger recipes call for ground beef. However, venison is a great alternative. It’s considered to be one of the healthiest meats out there.

You’re about to learn all about it…

Deer meat has several key advantages over cow meat. Firstly, it almost exclusively comes from wild sources. As a result, it is leaner than beef and contains less saturated fat.

Venison has more protein than any other red meat and fewer calories than chicken. For example, a four-ounce burger has 30 grams of protein and just 220 calories. It will keep you full for hours without killing your diet.

Finally, deer meat is also rich in nutrients. It has high levels of iron and B vitamins. And, linoleic acid helps to support a healthy heart.

As natural as possible…

This venison is not wild. But, it is imported from a ranch in New Zealand. It contains no steroids or antibiotics.

Dale’s Wild West Ground Venison comes in four one-pound packages. It has a unique taste that definitely makes some delicious burgers. However, keep in mind they will be slightly different than what you are used to.

Extremely quick…

Deer meat cooks extremely quickly because of the low-fat content. Therefore, this product contains a mixture that is 96% venison and 4% beef. The beef will help your patty heat evenly and retain moisture.


  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Lots of protein.
  • Very lean meat.


  • Slightly gamey taste.
  • Expensive.
  • Patties are not pre-formed.
  • May not arrive frozen.

5.16 Classic Steakburgers, 4.5 oz Each From Kansas City Steaks – Best Corn-Fed Steakburgers

16 Classic Steakburgers, 4.5 oz Each From Kansas City Steaks – Best Corn-Fed Steakburgers

Kansas City Steakburgers are as true to their name as it gets. In other words, they are made of high-quality, corn-fed beef in western Kansas. The company started as a small, family-owned business in 1932. They have grown in size over the years. However, they still hold their products to the same high standards.

The burgers have a loyal fan base that speaks for itself. Furthermore, they come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you do have any problems.

Moist and flavorful…

These classic burgers are slightly larger than average at 4.5 ounces each. Most importantly, the patties are fresh and tender. The box contains eight vacuum-sealed packages with two patties each.

Burgers should be cooked all the way through for maximum safety. But, no one wants to eat something that resembles a hockey puck. This beef has an 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio to avoid that problem. The fat melts during cooking to create delicious juices in the finished product. And, it helps keep the patties from shrinking.

Seasoning packet included…

Most people choose to eat frozen burgers because of the convenience, not the taste. These are the only patties we have looked at that include a seasoning packet. As a result, you get lots of flavor with minimal effort.

The patties can be grilled straight out of the freezer. However, you can also thaw them if that’s your personal preference. They can even be refrozen after they have been thawed.


  • Free Kansas City Steak Book included.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Can be cooked on the grill or the stove.


  • Unknown calorie and protein content.
  • May contain gluten.
  • Patties are fragile.

Best Frozen Burgers Buying Guide

Best Frozen Burgers Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered how to make a burger patty? Now you don’t have to. The best quality frozen burgers are practically indistinguishable from homemade ones. And they can save you lots of valuable time in the kitchen.

Frozen food all looks pretty similar. However, it varies a lot in quality. Let’s take a closer look at some important things to think about before making your purchase.


Best Frozen Burgers Buying Guide 1

Above all, you must consider what you are looking for in a frozen burger. Do you like to put your own spin on things? You may want to choose an option that does not contain any seasoning.

Similarly, you should think about where the meat you select is sourced from. Grass-fed beef has a reputation for its tenderness. But it can be expensive. Not all burgers are made of beef. For example, venison has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has a different taste, but is also delicious.

Lean-to-Fat Ratio

Ground meat will always have some percentage of fat. And, this is beneficial to your burger. It helps the patty cook evenly while providing lots of flavor.

Burgers with a high-fat content won’t dry out when you cook them. However, some people may find that they like a leaner mix instead. It’s worth it to try a couple different ratios to find out what you prefer.

Best Frozen Burgers Buying Guide 2

In the same vein, the fat content of the burgers you select will affect their cooking time. Leaner meats cook more quickly than fattier ones. Frozen burgers can usually be prepared on the stove or the grill. But, some options may require additional preparation on your part.

Last-Minute Meals?

If you will be making last-minute meals, you should for patties that don’t need to be thawed before cooking.

Keep in mind it is always important to take the internal temperature of your burgers. And, this isn’t dependent on how long you cook them for. A patty can easily appear ready but still be raw inside.

Need a Thermometer?

Check out our reviews of the Best Smoker Thermometers, the Best WiFi Meat Thermometers, as well as our ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer Review.


Best Frozen Burgers Buying Guide 3

Food is fuel. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are only putting the best into your body. A frozen burger can be both nutritious and delicious. Some types of red meat are better for you than others. For instance, venison has more protein per serving than beef. It is also lower in calories.

Plant-based burgers are a good option if you are worried about your cholesterol. And, these days they taste a lot like meat. Furthermore, even beef can have different micronutrients depending on the diet of the cow. Grass-fed beef contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are an essential part of a healthy diet.


Finally, you should consider the size of both the patties and the package you purchase. Frozen burgers are typically anywhere from four to eight ounces. However, smaller patties can be more versatile than larger ones. You can easily double-up if you are craving a heartier meal.

A lot of the patties that we looked at come in quite large boxes. Buying in bulk can save you money. But, make sure you have enough freezer space to store them.

So, what are the Best Frozen Burgers?

Based on our research, we are going to be eating the…

Mount Pleasant 100% Grass-Fed Beef Burgers

These patties have outstanding taste and texture. Most importantly, the quality is truly noteworthy.

The cows are pasture-raised at a single origin. As a result, you are left with tender beef that is also lean. They are hormone and antibiotic-free as an added bonus.

The large patties won’t shrink down when they are cooking. And, they are flash-frozen for maximum freshness. In short, they are sure to leave you wondering why you never cooked with frozen burgers before.

Happy eating!

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