Top 10 Best Stand Mixers 2024 Reviews

Best Stand Mixers

A modern kitchen would seem incomplete without a stand mixer on display.

Whether you're an amateur baker or just want to make desserts for special occasions, the machine is versatile enough to whisk everything from egg whites to airy layer cakes to thick bread dough. The mixer will help you prepare all your baking endeavors, share your creativity, and support even the most ambitious baking goals.

We checked dozens of the best stand mixers that sell well to find out which ones not only received top-notch reviews, but also thousands of comments from people who have used them. Whether you are searching for a small mixer or for a valuable gadget, these stand mixers are the best on the market.

So here are our top picks for stand mixers, ready-to-mix for just about anything you're baking.

The Best Stand Mixers Reviews

1. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid has a long-standing reputation for making some of the best stand mixers on the market, and this is our best choice of all the mixers we review today.

It is available in a wide variety of colors, which means that you have no excuse not to buy something that goes perfectly with your own design scheme.

This 325-watt stand mixer is one of the lowest performing products on our list when it comes to wattage. However, that doesn't mean that the mixer will leave you lacking in power.
A sliding ergonomic control provides you with a choice of 10 speeds, from a very slow stir to a quick whip.

The 5-quart mixing bowl is built from sturdy steel and can be used to make medium-sized batches of ingredients for a smaller family. If you want a larger capacity stand mixer, you can find several bigger stand mixers in our best stand mixer list.

Stand mixers are the equivalent of KitchenAid for many chefs, which is definitely a good thing for anyone who wants a compact stand mixer.


  • Impeccable brand heritage
  • Comes in an endless range of colors
  • Generous mixing bowl  
  • 10 variable speeds
  • Tilt head
  • Heavy-duty bowl with handle
  • Easily handles tough doughs
  • Quiet
  • You can buy more attachments to expand its capabilities


  • Some issues with customer care 
  • Heavy
  • Enameled attachments can break
  • You can't wash wire whip in the dishwasher

2. Cuisinart SM-50BC Precision Master 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50BC Precision Master 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

Less expensive compared to our first choice but also equipped with a tilting motor head. It is a perfect choice for beginners, brand enthusiasts, or anyone looking to save a few bucks on a stand mixer without sacrificing quality or potency.      

Made from sturdy aluminum, it features a 500 watt motor, and it runs at 12 speeds by rotating the dial.

The mixer features a splash spout to prevent messy countertops, a tilting head for adding ingredients, and plenty of accessories such as a whisk, dough hook, and flat paddle.

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You can also purchase various accessories for the device, including a pasta roller and cutter, a pasta extruder, a frozen dessert machine, a meat grinder, and a spiralizer. Be sure to check out the rest of the Cuisinart range, because these are sold separately.

The Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer is made of solid die-cast metal, but it is not too heavy. This is one of the lightest mixers on our shortlist, so it's very convenient to store in a closet or cabinet when it's not in use and makes a very attractive travel model.

It comes with a large 5.5-quart mixing bowl and the pressure to mix tough cookie dough, so considering the compact form factor, you get more than enough space. If you have a tiny apartment or limited kitchen space, then the Cuisinart mixer is an excellent choice. 

However, it can only knead the dough for about 2 loaves of bread. So, if you are a serious baker, this model may not be for you due to its capabilities, but it is a less expensive and more appealing option.

The Cuisinart stand mixer is very easy and simple to use, and all parts are dishwasher-friendly except the whisk. You can choose from six colors (robin blue, ruby red, periwinkle blue, black, white, and silver).

You can adjust the mixing speed of the food in the large bowl with 12 variable speeds. This is one of the best stand mixers that you can find.

Some customers have complained about the smearing of dry ingredients on the sides of this mixer, but that's about the extent of the setback in a sea of positive user reviews. But those who chose Cuisinart over the more expensive mixers haven't regretted it. 

They say it has a quiet sound but delivers a solid, durable, and powerful performance for a long time. 


  • Durable and lightweight aluminum  
  • More cost efficient than comparable models
  • Powerful motor to help mix thicker doughs
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent and efficient at all mixing tasks
  • Easy to operate
  • All parts, except wire whisk, are dishwasher-safe


  • Dry ingredients stick to sides 
  • Some issues with attachments reaching bottom of bowl
  • Can only knead enough dough for 2 loaves of bread

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

We will not lie. The Hamilton Beach Electric stand mixer will not only beautify your countertop like a KitchenAid, but it won't put as much of a strain on your budget and you won't miss out on the mixing results much. 

If you like the look of the previous KitchenAid model but can't quite match the high price, the first of another pair of mixers from Hamilton Beach comes at a significantly less aggressive price.

The mixer turns out clouds of whipped cream, tender lemon chiffon cake, and two tall loaves of whole wheat bread. The Hamilton Beach can take a little more time in mixing compared to the KitchenAid mixer, but you won't be mixing the dough by hand. And in terms of simplicity and ease of use, Hamilton Beach tops them all.

While the majority of Hamilton Beach appliances are solidly built, many users have complained about the quality of the Hamilton Beach mixer, which has many plastic parts. 

When it comes to the design, the aesthetics belie the low price, so there is nothing to complain about here.

You have enough choice with 7 variable speeds compared to 10 or more available on the best stand mixers. Not only is the speed dial effortless to turn, it also has big numbers, so no glasses are required to read them. If you are unsure of which speed to use, refer to the guide that maps tasks at the correct speeds.

The 300-watt motor produces enough power for a small stand mixer. The small size of this machine makes the 4 quart capacity impressive. The motor can mix thicker doughs and batters like bread, pizza, and cookies, and it has a planetary mixing mechanism similar to KitchenAid to make sure that all your ingredients are fully evenly mixed. 

Plus, the Hamilton Beach features a dough hook, a flat beater, a whisk, a splash guard for making different baking projects, an upwards tilting head so you can add ingredients to the mixing bowl and quickly switch accessories, and a mixing bowl made from four-quart stainless steel that is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

The handles of the bowl make it easy to maneuver the stand mixer, and all the parts, even the whisk, are safe to put in the dishwasher. The device's non-slip feet hold the mixer in place as it works.

Since the mixer is comparatively light and features a handle on top, it can be easily moved or put into a cupboard for storage.

This product is strongly marketed by Hamilton Beach because it has a similar mechanism to KitchenAid stand mixers. You shouldn't be obsessed with the idea that these two brands are similar.

Although it's not the ideal stand mixer, it is one of the most inexpensive models on the market.


  • Elegant design 
  • Available in plenty of colors
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy to move around and to assemble
  • Comes with a speed guide
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories
  • Great price/performance ratio 


  • Build quality could be improved 
  • You can only do one batch of cookies at a time
  • Made of plastic
  • The bowl has small dimensions at the top

4. KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid's compact version of their popular Artisan mixer is smaller in size and weight (by 25% and 20%, respectively) while maintaining the same instantly recognizable appearance. The tilt-head design allows you to easily reach the bowl or swap out suitable attachments without removing the bowl, and the head locks in place to ensure that the beaters stay in close contact with the bowl for even mixing

Bowl volume decreases to 3.5 quarts, and the machine itself is somewhat more compact. The wire whip, coated flat beater, and coated dough hook attachments are included in addition to the 10 speeds.

The 250-watt machine outperformed the rest of KitchenAid's mixers despite being smaller and lighter. While whipping cream, the users remarked that it was one of the quietest stand mixers—though it did become increasingly louder as they mixed thicker cookie dough and heavier bread dough, which is to be expected.

The mini mixer whips cream in half the time that the bigger 5-quart Artisan model takes, and it effectively beats together boxed cookie dough in under a minute. It is also effective at mixing the ingredients for a single loaf of bread dough before putting it out for the final kneading that must be done by hand.

Even if this KitchenAid is still costly, it is well worth it for people who want a machine that can last for decades with normal use and maintenance. Its compact size makes it perfect for bakers who want to prepare modest quantities of treats or who need to make the most of their limited kitchen space.

You can choose from at least ten different colors, making it simple to match an existing color scheme or give your countertop a splash of personality.


  • lighter weight
  • Enough power for small batches
  • Excellent color choices


  • Some accessories are incompatible with other models
  • There is no handle on the included bowl

5. Wolf Gourmet High-Performance 7 qrt Stand Mixer

Known for their high-end kitchen appliances, Wolf has developed this stand mixer that combines quality, design, and performance that will surprise anyone who wants to pamper themselves with a first-class kitchen machine. 

If you're looking for a luxury stand mixer and don't mind digging deep for privileges, then you should research the mighty Wolf Gourmet. 

This model is entirely made of stainless steel, compared to many stand mixers with plastic content. This mixer makes a statement on the kitchen countertop. When the Wolf mixer is on, rough ingredients can be mixed evenly without resistance.

This model is made of brushed stainless steel for a modern look. It is provided with a 7-liter bowl and a motor power of 500W, which has enough strength to knead thick dough.

You can attach a bunch of accessories with an attachment port. You can also buy these separately at an additional cost. As standard, you get a dough hook, a whisk, a flat beater, pouring protection, and a splash guard.

The motor and gearbox of this mixer make working with dough a breeze, which doesn't apply to all mixers on our list.

One of the unique features that set this mixer apart is the bowl lift, which helps you adjust the mixer height with just one turn by using its handles. It also has a pulse option for smooth mixing.

If you choose to buy this mixer, make sure you have your own space to store it, as it weighs nearly 30 pounds and measures roughly 18 inches high and 18 inches deep.

While this isn't the cheapest stand mixer you can find, it is one of the best. But if you can afford it, rest assured that you will not be disappointed.


  • Durable stainless steel body and bowl
  • Very powerful motor
  • Easy to change attachments
  • Feature a 7 quart bowl
  • Can handle small quantities


  • Expensive
  • More industrial than stylish
  • Tall

6. KitchenAid KSM7586POB 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

As you can see, KitchenAid dominates this market segment with a deep bank of highly effective kitchen appliances, including this powerful model from the Pro Line.

If you're working on larger projects that would otherwise need two or three batches in a smaller mixer, it may be time to switch to a stand mixer with a larger bowl volume and a little more power. 

Trusted by professional pastry and bakery kitchens everywhere. This professional model has a lever on the side of the machine to raise or lower the bowl in arms without the tilt head design. 

The Proline is not made in many colors but is still available in popular colors such as black, red, and silver and fits in just about any kitchen. This mixer has metal accessories and gears rather than the plastic parts in the cheaper ones. 

On all KitchenAid stand mixers, the hub on the front of the machine accepts accessories for other models, and a 1.3 horsepower motor allows you to mix thicker doughs more conveniently.


  • All metal fittings
  • Efficient bowl-lift mechanism
  • Generous capacity 
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Great for larger baking projects
  • Efficiently kneads small batches of doughs


  • Certainly not cheap 
  • Fewer color options
  • Not appropriate for mixing smaller recipes

7. Smeg 1950's Retro Style Aesthetic Stand Mixer

Smeg 1950's Retro Style Aesthetic Stand Mixer

SMEG might be best known for its distinctive and elegant refrigerators, and this product is no exception. This vintage looking stand mixer carries on that retro style with a modern touch. But what do you get besides that branded heritage and a tempting appearance?

The first thing you'll notice about this mixer is the strong build quality. If you look further, you will appreciate the extended attention to detail throughout. The non-stick attachments make your mixing experience even better.

With a powerful 600-watt motor under the hood, you have plenty of power reserves even with more demanding ingredients. It features a 5L bowl, and you get the usual three accessories: a paddle, a whisk, and a dough hook, but there are other accessories like a grinder, a pasta cutter, and even an ice maker that you can purchase separately.

The engine has a direct drive and is connected to 10 different speeds. With a variety of ingredients, you can change speed as you work with them, and you can always get the texture that's right for you. It can start at a slow speed, which means it creates less clutter, especially when using flour or powdered sugar, which can usually form a cloud of powder if you use a hand mixer.

You can choose the SMEG mixer in a wide range of colors to match your kitchen, and if you look beyond the bar, you will find that this stand mixer is extremely valuable over its long life.


  • Unbeatable brand image
  • Non-stick coating on accessories
  • Highly efficient mechanism


  • Quite costly

8. Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QT 660W 6-Speed Tilt-Head Food Mixer

Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QT 660W 6-Speed Tilt-Head Food Mixer

Aucma's stand mixer perhaps doesn't have the same countertop impact as KitchenAid, but many reviewers say it does an equally good job at a much cheaper price. 

The is equipped with six speeds, between which you can switch continuously using the dial on the side, and is supplied with a metal whisk, a whisk, and a dough hook.

The plastic splash guard prevents the ingredients from being blown away. If you are still developing your pastry hobby and are unsure of investing in a top-notch machine, this is a perfect mid-range buy as it is a genius at beating doughs, batters, and meringues.

It comes with a one-year warranty, so if something goes wrong, you are covered.


  • Features a built-in splash guard with access hatch that allows to add ingredients without spilling
  • It comes with a tilt head design that enables easy installation and removal of the bowl and accessories
  • Equipped with dual handles that offers convenient holding
  • Great power for the price
  • Easy to operate


  • The power plug may not be compatible with all the outlets
  • A bit inconsistent mixing quality  

9. Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer, 4 Quarts, 6 Speeds with QuickBurst

Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer, 4 Quarts, 6 Speeds with QuickBurst

Hamilton Beach has another stable product on our list. It is a stand mixer and a hand mixer at the same time.

While you will get a light, portable, and space-saving mixer, the mixing bowl offers a spacious 4 liter capacity, which makes this model ideal for singles, couples, or small families. It can mix small baking projects but won't probably deal with thick bread and cookie dough.

This machine is great for mixing cake batter, whipping meringue, and more. After one or two baking projects, you'll likely know if this is for you or if you need a stand mixer with better performance.

This stand mixer is also equipped with two beaters, two dough hooks, and one whisk, like any other hand mixer on the market. You can choose between six speeds, which are easy to adjust with the help of a slider and a pulse button to start the mixing.

The small motor doesn't represent a challenge to use in this unit, but it's more than sufficient for its purpose given its 250 watt capacity.

You can use the mixing bowl to hold all the ingredients you need since it has a large capacity and it is dishwasher safe as it is made of stainless steel.

We did find some complaints about the model being noisy and messy. However, most user reviews for this mixer are very positive. 

We believe you have to make some concessions at this price point, and none of these issues can be a deal breaker unless you live in a place where noise is an urgent concern.


  • Combination of stand and hand mixer
  • Generous mixing bowl capacity for small projects
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Compact footprint


  • Stationary mixing needs more scraping down
  • Not designed for heavy use
  • Loud and messy mixer

10. COOKLEE Stand Mixer

COOKLEE Stand Mixer

Finally, on our selected list of the best stand mixers is the Cooklee Stand Mixer. How is it made? 

When it comes to power and volume, this reasonably priced stand mixer offers a sleek style. The 660 watt mixer is the most powerful you can get, with the highest mixing capacity.

It has a dough hook, a flat beater, a wire whip, and a pouring shield. With a capacity of 9.5 quarts, you can make bigger quantities of batter and dough at once.

You can use different speeds as compared to the best stand mixers. You can use the dial numbered from 1 to 10 to change the speed of the mixer in order to match the ingredients you are working with.

Plenty of people are unsure about buying a stand mixer because they are seen as making a big mess and are very hard to clean. COOKLEE fixes this by making sure all parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

While no stand mixer works quietly, this model has some noise problems. If you consider noise an issue, check another mixer from our list. If you can stand the noise of the stand microphone because of the advantages it provides, you will be pleased with the COOKLEE Stand Mixer.


  • 10 variable speeds
  • Impressive 9.5-quart capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments


  • Makes a fair amount of noise

What to Look for When Buying a Stand Mixer

Best Stand Mixer Buying Guide

The mixer is one of the main kitchen appliances every person should have in their kitchen, especially if they love baking to make different types of pastries at home to present them to their family in a fresh and healthy way. 

With all options in mind, having the right information will assist you with your decision on which features are better suited to your needs and will ensure that you find the right stand mixer for you.

In this article, we're going to tell you the most important key factors to consider when buying a new home mixer.

Your Intended Usage

One of the first decisions you should make while looking for a stand mixer is what you are going to do with your mixer. Take into account how frequently you will use it and what you want to make with it. If you take a moment to clarify this, you can avoid making a costly mistake.

Bowl Size

Best Stand Mixer Bowl Size

The size of small bowls varies from 4.5 to 5.5 liters. A smaller bowl will give you the space you need when using the mixer for special occasions or on a regular basis. 

If you plan to make larger recipes, make heavier doughs, or use your mixer frequently for a variety of projects, consider increasing your bowl size to a 6 to 8-liter mixing bowl.

Remember, however, that large bowls can make smaller baking projects more difficult to tackle. You can whip maybe 7 pounds of buttercream at a time, but you probably can't whip half a cup of heavy cream.

Keep in mind that many mixers will specify the size of the bowl based on the number of cups of flour it can hold. This can be misleading as the bowls may hold the stated amount of flour but can't mix a recipe with the exact amount without creating a mess or overheating the appliance. 

It is better to assume that the capacity is slightly less than the one mentioned by the brand.


If you want to get the best results from your stand mixer, you need to make adjustments to the power of your mixer to match the volume and tasks that you are using it for.

The lower limit advised is 250W, and several mixers can reach 1000W. If you're mixing and whipping lighter batter and liquids, a lower powered machine will do the job very quickly.

A motor with a power of 325 watts would be more than enough to mix thick cookie dough or larger volumes of food, and it would give your baking projects the needed power very easily.

If you want to work with heavier doughs (bagels, pretzels, large quantities of bread) on a regular basis, the following applies:

The more power, the better. With at least 6 quarts of capacity, you need to choose a device with no less than 500 watts of power. Keep in mind, however, that you may have to knead the bread dough to the end by hand, even with a powerful mixer. 

The wattage promoted by the brand could be misleading, just like the size of the bowl. Even if a mixer claims to have a 500 watt motor, it may take more power to run the machine than a comparable stand mixer of the same power, which means that less power is delivered directly to the bowl. 

The preference is to make this factor a rule when contemplating other characteristics.

Controls and Settings

The controls of the mixer range from knobs to buttons, with in between a KitchenAid style speed control. Regardless of the controls on your mixer, they must not be hard to comprehend and use.


Best Stand Mixer Speed

Generally, stand mixers' speed levels range from three to twelve. The settings of the machine's speeds are important, but more is needed to give you the ability to control the recipe you're making.

Different speeds are one of the most important key factors to look for in an electric mixer, as the different speeds will allow you to make different types of baked goods. Higher speeds are used to whip egg whites to prepare different types of sponge cake. while breads and cakes are kneaded at a gradual speed.

Most stand mixers use a planetary mixing process, which means the tool rotates when the arm moves around the bowl. This action should mean that the mixture will move to the center of the bowl instead of being thrown aside.

Each mixer has a range of speeds controlled by a slider or a dial. This way, you can gradually increase the speed you want.

The Sound of the Mixer

It is necessary to have an electric mixer that will minimize noise, as some types of mixers will make an annoying sound throughout their lives, which discourages people from using them due to the discomfort they cause.    

Overall Height and Weight

The biggest challenge is adding a new piece of equipment to your workspace when it is very limited. 

Measure how much space you can use on your counter to store your machine. Pay attention to the free space under the cabinets. The machines are available at different heights for this.

The weight of the appliance is one of the things that distinguishes a mixer from other mixers. Appliances weighing more than 20 pounds may not be easy to use, but the weight gives the machine more stability and makes it more likely that it won't slip or run on the counter.

When storing your stand mixer on the counter isn't an option, look for a machine that is more compact and lightweight so that it can be easily stored in a closet or on a shelf. 


Best Stand Mixer Accessories

Almost all of Stand mixers feature a whisk, a flat paddle, and a dough hook attachment. Many also include a clear plastic splash guard for the bowl.

KitchenAid is known for its attachments and accessories (sold separately) that are interchangeable across the mixer line. There's a pasta roller and cutter, a spiralizer, an ice cream maker attachment, as well as a meat grinder and a masticating juicer, among other things.

The company also provides designer bowl replacements and third-party attachments, which is a testament to the fact that KitchenAid machines are so popular. If you are in need of a versatile workhorse, look for a mixer with similar accessories.

For the more ambitious baker, it's nice to have a second mixing bowl and accessory kit for projects that involve quickly mixing and whipping different ingredients, so you don't have to wash up in the middle of a complex recipe.

Additional Extras

Additional extras on the stand mixer include built-in lighting so you can see the inside of the bowl better, a countdown timer to prevent over mixing, and sensors to help keep the mixer speed constant with heavier loads.    

In addition, you need to search for a mixer that features a slow start setting to start mixing. This allows the mixer to be used with delicate mixes, which means liquid and flour cannot fly out of the bowl when it's switched on.


There are a lot of great stand mixers on the market, and the quality varies in the price range. You can be confident that you are getting your money's worth, unlike other appliances. A quality product will be available with the cost of the machines ranging from 100 to 200 dollars.

Again, consider how often you will be using your mixers and what kind of projects you will be doing. When you plan more, there is more importance in investing in a machine that has higher performance. 

You need to buy a premium-quality stand mixer. If you are financially able, and have the money to invest in it.

Color and Design

Best Stand Mixer Color and Design

When purchasing a new stand mixer, the range of colors is just as important as the machine's functionality. The majority of inexpensive models are generally available in a limited range of colors, such as white, silver, black, and red. If you want plenty of color choices, KitchenAid has more than 30 different colors to choose from for the 5-quart Artisan.

Pick a stand mixer you enjoy using and it will last for a long time before you have to replace it. Classic and contemporary or modern brushed steel, these are a few of many choices to think about if you want to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen.


Warranties for most machines range from one to three years, which is not long for such an expensive appliance. Fortunately, most stand mixers are built to last, and they usually last for years (even decades!) without repairs.

As always, refer to your owner's manual for instructions about your machine, but also look out for any visual or audible signs of any difficulty your mixer may be having in using its capacity. 

Types Of Stand Mixers


Most household stand mixers are models with a tilt head. The bowl attaches to the bottom of the machine and the mixing accessory attaches to the top of the machine, raising and lowering the bowl by simply tilting the head.

Changing mix accessories without removing the bowl is a cinch, and since you can push the head back, the bowl is more accessible when adding or removing ingredients, or scraping the sides.


Bowllift stand mixers are usually top-of-the-range professional or commercial machines. The bowl fits into the side arms and the rear of the machine and is raised with a lever on the side. 

These mixers are on the bigger end of the size spectrum and are typically a little heavier and more stable. They have more power that handles tougher doughs and mix projects more easily than their smaller and lighter counterparts.

Bottom Drive

You can find a few options on the market for this stand mixer, but they are trusted by their users. Below the bowl is the motor of this mixer. The mixing accessories are fixed under the bowl so that the top of the mixer is unrestricted.

This is incredibly useful for recipes that require multiple supplements and provides a clear overview of the action as you work.

Planetary Mixing

For the most effective and smooth mixing, look for a machine with planetary mixing action. In this type, the mixing attachment rotates around its axis and at the same time rotates around the circumference of the bowl. This movement will assist in reaching the ingredients at the edge of the bowl.

Stationary Mixing

Stationary mixers typically have two beaters that rotate as the bowl below rotates. This movement is less effective at mixing all of the ingredients, so it is generally necessary to stop the machine to scrape the sides and work in items by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you make with a stand mixer?

What do you make with a stand mixer

A stand mixer is designed for baking and mixing jobs that would otherwise be difficult to do by hand. This includes incorporating ingredients that may be difficult to work with at an extreme temperature, such as whipped sugar and butter, to make a smooth batter. The majority of stand mixers are designed to beat, whisk, and knead and can be used for tasty pastry and cooking projects as well.

Many stand mixers on the market today have accessories that make them even more versatile. In addition to mixing, machines such as KitchenAid, SMEG, and Wolf Gourmet have accessories that roll pasta, grate and cut vegetables, extract juice, grind meat, and even fill sausages. Of course, additional accessories are available for an additional fee, but this can be useful if you are an adventurous cook.

How do you mix dough with a stand mixer and for how long?

Most stand mixers feature a dough hook created specifically for this appliance.

Most small dough recipes are written for stand mixers and usually contain instructions on how long and how fast to mix the dough.

Most dough is mixed at slower speeds to avoid damaging the gears and overrunning the motor. 

The mixing time is entirely dependent on the dough, but there are a few signs to look for as to when the mixing process ends.

Most doughs become soft and bouncy when mixed properly, which is a sign that gluten has developed in wheat-based dough. If you observe the dough pulling away from the bowl's sides, or even slapping against the bowl as you mix, these are also good signs that the dough has developed properly. 

How to grease a stand mixer mixing bowl?

If you are working with particularly sticky dough or objects such as marshmallows, there are two different ways to grease the bowl of a stand mixer.

A nonstick spray like PAM is enough to get the job done.

For highly viscous ingredients that need more work, you need a stronger oil like canola, vegetable, neutral or olive oil. For long mixing, any oil you use will eventually be incorporated into your ingredients, so be careful not to over-grease or use an oil that goes against the recipe you're preparing.

If you're worried that the recipe is particularly sticky, but don't want to use any excess oil (which could make it stickier), think about mixing the recipe up, then using a plastic bowl scraper to get everything out of the bowl without too much trouble. The bowl scraper can be lubricated as well to prevent the mixture from sticking when you transfer it to the next step.

Are KitchenAid stand bowls and accessories interchangeable?

The same Power Hub on top of every KitchenAid stand mixer can be used for most KitchenAid accessories, even the Artisan mini mixer. For accessories that demand more power to run efficiently, how much you use the accessory and how much power the blender actually provides should be taken into account.

The artisan mixers model have less power than professional ones, so be careful when using attachments and make sure you don't overwork them.

Bowls and accessories such as whisks, dough hooks and paddles are usually specific to the style of your KitchenAid mixer. Mixers with bowls installed in the base of the mixer will not work on mixers with lifting bowls and vice versa.

The mixing attachments that come with the machines are also sized based on the size and style of the machine's bowl, and are not easily interchangeable between different models.

The only exception to these rules is the KitchenAid ice cream bowl attachment, which can be used on all the other KitchenAid mixer models besides the Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart stand mixer.

Can you use a stand mixer instead of a food processor?

Food Processor vs Stand Mixer

It depends on the question. You can use a food processor to mix plenty of foods and liquids, but mixing is done with a blade that breaks the ingredients as it mixes them.

A stand mixer mixes the ingredients in order to develop gluten, aeration, and the overall texture of the ingredients. A stand mixer may also preserve the integrity of ingredients (such as chocolate chips) during mixing, as a food processor generally blends everything together to the same consistency. 

Food processors can grate, slice, and chop ingredients much like a stand mixer needs a food processor attachment to do the same tasks.

While some of the dough can be mixed in a heavy-duty food processor, it is best to mix most of the dough in a stand mixer.

If most of your culinary needs are for preparing fruits, vegetables, and sauces, you should think about buying a food processor. If your needs depend on mixing and baking, then you should think about getting a stand or hand mixer.

How can I mix ingredients more effectively in my stand mixer?

As a rule, add the dry ingredients to the liquid ingredients. Add the flour gradually, according to the recipe. This helps give flour a coat of fat and stops the development of gluten in order for you to enjoy light and fluffy baked goods.

What is the importance of speed settings on stand mixers, and how many speeds should I look for?

Most mixers come with speed levels ranging from 3 to 12, with 10 being the usual speed. 

Every stand mixer on this list has a slow start function. This way, you can slowly work the ingredients in without making a major mess in the kitchen.

  • Speed 1 is great for turning on your mixer and combining dry ingredients.
  • Low speed (2) is great for chopping butter or slowly blending thick mixtures.
  • If it gets medium to low (4), you can whip in egg whites or mix in cookie dough.
  • Medium speed (6) is ideal for stirring butter or buttercream.
  • Medium speed (8) is great for faster pounding or creaming or making Meringue.
  • High Speed (10+) is perfect when you need to quickly whip a small amount of cream or eggs.

How to clean a stand mixer?

To ensure that your electric mixer is kept clean, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the electric mixer from the electrical source to which it is connected.
  • Remove the mixing blades, kneading paddle, and other accessories used for kneading and set aside.
  • Wash the accessories in hot water and dishwashing soap, or you can place them on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Clean the surface of the perineum and the outer body with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water, but be sure to wring out the washcloth or sponge well before wiping to avoid water entering the perineum drive.
  • Invert the electric mixer and clean the bottom of its base and the bottom of the mixing arm.
  • Clean the place of the attachment ports and the buttons of the perineum,  and make sure that they are free of any food residues stuck in the ports. In the event that any small bits of food accumulate in them, use toothpicks to remove.
  • Dry all parts of the electric mixer, put the accessories in a cupboard out of reach of children and get ready to use them again.

Tip: Try as much as possible not to immerse the electric mixer in water so as not to spoil the electric motor.

Final Words

A stand mixer is the ideal choice if you do plenty of mixing and baking tasks. You can keep your hands free and multitask in the kitchen with ease.

You have a number of stand mixer models to choose from in our list above that come in different sizes, styles, and colors. All of our reviews and recommendations of stand mixers are based on construction, materials, noise levels, controls, and durability.

Happy mixing!

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